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Default 3D TV

I've been looking at new TV's lately and I was wondering about everyone's take on the new 3D tech.

The buzz seems to be deafening and that's got me concerned. With the 2 fundamentally different approaches to it (glasses vs no glasses (and I won't even get into different glasses tech)), I'm worried about it becoming yet another VHS vs Betamax or HD DVD vs Bluray situation .

Personally I'd be much happier to have the no glasses approach win out, but better tech does not necessarily ensure success. I really don't want to have the hassle of buying extra glasses, losing them, not having enough, dogs chewing on them, etc... It seems, however, that very few companies (Phillips primarily) are working on glasses-less 3D, while major manufacturers (LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Sony) are coming out with 3D TV's this year and reporting that they expect to have 50% of their TV sales be 3D by 2012. I don't want to pay for a new TV without 3D if it's going to become the standard, but I REALLY don't want to pay more for 3D tech that leads nowhere.

Of course, there are the other assorted costs to going 3D right now too. 3D pass-through AV receiver, 3D Bluray player (although PS3 should be ok with that in July), 10.2 Gbps HDMI (if you're not using it already), and probably extra charges from the satellite/cable company for 3D content (which seems extremely limited at this time).

Wow, proofing my own post I think I may just stick with my old TV at this point....
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I think you answered all your own questions. An LCD tv is what I'm sticking too. 3d is a joke IMO. It's been around for years, and whilst it's improving slightly, it's not a new technology nor does it warrant spending thousands just to use properly.
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I'm really quite interested as to what affect 3D tv will have on our eyes.

I personally noticed (while watching avatar in 3D) that I needed to focus more to be able to see what was going on properly - And generally speaking, the more you focus, the less you blink (Which is bad for our eyes; from memory).

I won't be rushing to purchase anything 3D, anytime soon.
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will never purhase a tv that requires glasses to see it properly. already wear a bluetooth headset. stuff putting more gear on my head to play a game. anyway, just spent 10 grand on a home theatre. won't be changing it too soon.

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Non-glasses 3D TV's are not that far away. LG claim hey have perfected it and the other manufacturers are all working madly to achieve the same thing.

As to 3D being a gimmick ... ESPN and FOX (Including FOX Australia) have announced dedicated 3D sports channels and retailers across the country are trying to dump LCD and Plasma TV's as quick as they can so as to be ready for the 3D products.

I think we are on the cusp of the next generation of TV's. Early adoption will be slow (like any new format) in the early stages, but once non-glasses units are "affordable" I feel this will format will become the norm.
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I won't be rushing out to buy a 3DTV either. Hey, I shelled out $5K for an LCDTV (had to, the other one blew up, otherwise I'd've waited) only to have the price drop by more than half within 12 months. I'm with Maggots - the less crap I have to put on my head just to watch a movie the better.
So yeh, until non-glasses 3D becomes not stupidly priced, I'm not even interested.
It just doesn't "jump out" at me.
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I'm such a sucker for new tech, I know I'll end up with it. Im currently looking at the 120Hz monitors that couple with the glasses using the nvidia cards.

Here's something some are concerned about though...
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So instead of our kids getting "square" eyes from watching too much TV ... they will "cubed" eyes
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