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I would be eager to have a go at it, but I am busting a gut to get my Theater room and Shed / Billiard & Darts / Bar man cave finished.

Once that is done I was hoping to get you around for a scotch and a game of pool
(I think Maggot lives close by as well ... I wonder how thirsty he is? )

I have component cables for the XBOX and the Wii so when we can organize a day that we are both not "flat out" we should give a Console Division video a go.

If anyone has any "console" video, can they PM me as the TOG wizards can edit it into something for the Division. (Later we will replace it by the one done by people who live and breath console gaming )

As to footage ... probably best to do the three games we are focused on right now ... BFBC2, MAG and MW2.

We can do our spaghetti western version once Red Dead is out
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FYI. This is the challenge posted:

Originally Posted by Ulric View Post
I have a challenge to all divisions.

I would like to see what TOG is capable of doing with respect to putting together a short Divisional video.

The theme is 5 minutes in the "XXX" division, what its like to play our game.

The limitations are no longer than 5 mins preferable between 3-5.

Showcase your division to the world.

Should you need help in editing please let me know and I will see what can be done to find assistance. Voice over work may be able to be provided by a suitably experienced voice actor (if I can get him to give some time).

There will be recognition for the winning division and the runner up.

Entries close on the 30th of May 2010 unless everyone can get them done quicker.

Cheers, Ulric.
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