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Default Which is better X box 360 or PS3?

Which one is better?
My question to you people is this... which is better in your opinion? What console should I buy? Please give complete example as well...
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That's like asking to choose between the iPhone and HTC... people tend to be very polarised, and not many sit in between.

Personally, I like the PS3 - probably just because I'm anti Microsoft (other than the OS on my computer).

What do you want to do with it - ie games/internet/movies?
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There are plenty of threads here with differing arguments for you to browse through.

But in the end it's PS3 FTW

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I think we could say...........

PS3 is more media orientated. BlueRay player, PlayTV, ability to connect PSP, laptop, stream movies etc.

360 is more game orientated.

Both play games, both have some specific titles of games only available to that console.

PS3 has free online game play but voice comms is not so good.
360 has pay content and voice comms is great.

PS3 has recently released pay content but not much feedback in as yet as to how good it is.

Some still argue that the graphics are better on 360. I think though it depends on which game is being played.

360 has the bigger community.

PS3 has MAG biggest online FPS game based on the number of players who can play at a single time on one map, up to 256.

360 and PS3 have Battle Field Bad Company 2 but 360 has the largest number of players playing it.

I think that about wraps it up.
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I have them both and it depends on what games are about to come out to what one i say is the best. Get them both I suck at choosing one so i guess i am no use
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I wanted a PS3. I aspired to own a PS3, but it was just pushing the budget. Then Xbox 360 Elites were being cleared at $250 (+ 2 games). So now this PS3 owner wannabe is a 360 owner instead :P Hence I tell myself the best console is the one I can afford to play :P
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I have to disagree on the PS3 online becoming more powerful than xbox, I find it still horrible compared to how easy online is on the xbox. Always seem to get hacked Modern Warfare games when I play on Ps3 and the voice comm sucks donkey balls
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