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Pure Mongrel 14th December 2010 09:52 AM

Racing Stand.
I just ordered one of these:

The Gamesmen Pty Ltd - Xbox 360 - Accessories - Fanatec RennSport Wheel Stand

Best price I could find in Australia. Posted here in case anyone else was looking for one. :)

Fanatec RennSport Wheel Stand Hangs On Tight While You Drive Like a Maniac

Ancient_One 14th December 2010 03:22 PM

What about the Xlerator Racing Wheel Stand. Not sure on a local seller but it is on Amazon.

Pure Mongrel 14th December 2010 03:38 PM

I had a look at that one. It was more expensive and as it did not fold up, it did not suit my needs.

Ancient_One 14th December 2010 04:01 PM

This is what my son was looking at. Hyperdrive
I think he liked Bundle 1 with the extra seat padding. $259.95 plus delivery.

The Dominator at $650 plus is pretty good as well but wow baby get a load of the Hyperflight a cool $1100 plus.

Another impressive setup but way out of our league. Playseat. only 319 UK pounds for the basic unit plus delivery. Looks way sweet.


Leevers 14th December 2010 05:04 PM

Link to another thread about this topic with some awesome ones!

Pure Mongrel 14th December 2010 05:59 PM

Thanks for the link Leevers.

Shock_ listed the one I just bought.

The price he listed is the norm $299, which is why I jumped on the one I ordered at $199.

I would love some of those bigger rigs ... But I wish to remain married ;)

Pure Mongrel 18th December 2010 01:51 AM

It has arrived and I have to say I am happy with it. It is sturdy and stable and has made racing a lot more fun.

Only issue I have is that the XBOX 360 Steering wheel won't fit on the base plate. You need to get the XBOX adapter and this is an issue for Australian customers. They are still available, but I can't find anyone that will ship them to Australia. (US/ Canada and Europe only).

Thankfully an good friend in Finland is helping me source one so hopefully it won't be too long before I am giving Forza 3 a good go. (Have to get ready for Forza 4 after all ;))

I will just have to console myself with GT5 until then :D

Cadder 18th December 2010 05:45 AM

Mate, have you considered using someone like Shipito? USA Address & Mail Forwarding

Pure Mongrel 18th December 2010 02:18 PM

Cool. Thanks Cadder. You ever used this service?

Cadder 18th December 2010 10:27 PM

Not personally, but I know of people (on a different forum) who have.

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