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Default Hacked......I think....

A very good friend of mine who is a propeller head for a living sent me how the PS3 was hacked. Now, i'm still unsure what he's talking about and i also though the PS3 was hacked last year by that George Holz kid, so what's new?

As you can tell he gets turned on my numbers

His summary is still too complicated for me


PS3 pwned. This is how – but geek warning.
YouTube - PSGroove.com - Console Hacking 2010 Part 3 - Chaos Communication Congress

Or to avoid the geek stuff, summarised by this flawed code effectively doing this in PS3:

FYI - PS3 security pwned. Not that this is particularly intersting if you don't have a PS3, but check out HOW it ultimately failed in the security chain of trust.


Although it was a concerted attack on a number of fronts (much like iOS is done), the key killer was this line of code (slide 127/12:

def generate_ecdsa(k, sha):
k = bytes_to_long(k)
e = bytes_to_long(sha)
m = open(“/dev/random”,”rb”).read(30)
if len(m) != 30:
raise Exception(“Failed to get m”)
m = bytes_to_long(m) % ec_N
r = (m * ec_G).x.tobignum() % ec_N
kk = ((r * k) + e) % ec_N
s = (bn_inv(m, ec_N) * kk) % ec_N
r = long_to_bytes(r, 30)
s = long_to_bytes(s, 30)
return r,s

Using complex elliptic curve cryptography algorithms, some dork wrote a random number extractor that produced the same number every time!!!!

Once they had the same number generated, they could determine Sony's private keys from just two instances (like reusing a one time pad).

Some code bunny has just had his arse fried!



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Simple solutions are quite often the most effective. Redefining "random" to solve randomly generated security is a great example of thinking outside the proverbial box.

It reminded me of the old epithet:
Q: How many Micro$oft techs does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Irrelevant. We redefined darkness as the new standard.
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Man this is good news, I was pretty disjointed on how limited my PS3 was as a non gaming device.

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Geohot released a custom firmware for people with the latest OFW (3.55). You don't even need one of those USB development boards anymore, you can just use a normal USB drive of any sort.

Nothing Sony can do about it now, only option they have is to keep updating firmware and watch as it keeps getting hacked, like with the PSP.
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