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Default Sony Bluetooth Headset + PC?

I have a Sony PS3 bluetooth headset and I was wondering if anyone knew of a USB receiver that I could plug into my PC to allow me to use it there as well. I've read some reviews, but was left confused as to whether they did or did not work with the headset. My general impression was that they did not work well (if at all).

Does anyone have any advice or clarification? I'll take a TOGer's word any day over comments left on a sales site.

I have also posted this question in the The Laboratory forum just to cast my net as widely as possible.
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I did this and got it working under windows 7 - 64 bit. Used a generic bluetooth dongle. I couldnt get it to work with the first bluetooth dongle so tried again with a second. It required me to download third part drivers and the quality was nothing compared to what it is like when you use it on the PS3. As soon as I would leave my seat it basically became unusable.

In the end I bought a Sennheiser PC360 and I never looked back. I would save yourself the trouble and do something similar.
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I used this one to connect mine to my PC Mini Bluetooth Dongle

Worked with both of my phones headsets and my PS3 one, easy as pie under Win7 64.

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