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Question Battle of the Handhelds

So with the announcements both 3DS and NGP over the last couple of weeks what are peoples feelings about them.

I was hyped for 3DS a few months ago but now not really sure i am going to bother with either.

I imagine it will be worse for most of you chaps in Aus you seem to even get hammered more than i do in the UK when it comes to prices.
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Our pricing is a mystery but I will not get caught up in it any longer as I will not be buying either machine.
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I don't think things will change much as compared to the current gen of handhelds.

The issues I see are the launches, 3DS is quite expensive and I imagine the NGP will be on par with it. Also the 3D effect has been reported to cause some eye strain and the battery life is pretty short.

The library of games for both systems is very exciting though, and the NGP sounds amazingly powerful plus the addition of 2 analog sticks (which are supposed to be more stick like rather than the PSP nubs) means a much more diverse range of games will be playable on it, particularly first/third person action titles.

In the end I think like most devices of this type, best not to buy first gen.
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