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Smile Nintendo 3DS...

Anyone here have one?

What are your thoughts?

Wife surprised me last night with one, a half-hour before having to leave for work (), thanks dear! ()

Only had a chance to read the manual, move around some of the icons, set up my internet settings, do a system update, and such. Haven't played a game yet, though the wife got me LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

The 3D effect is, no joke, the real deal. Looks great and you can adjust the strength of effect to suit your viewing comfort. I find it most comfortable about one slider "step" above "off". Anything too high and it begins to feel like my eyes are straining to focus. Ninty is not joking when they say to take breaks often. I'll have to see how serious that is when I get in some real playtime.

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I've been wondering how effective the 3D would be and have heard good reports. I don't have one myself but would love to get one. Let us know what it's like after you've played for awhile

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I'm holding off on it to see what titles are released. The first DS only had a handful I was really interested in. Also considering the number of revisions of the first DS I wouldn't be surprised if they release lite/XL etc versions of it so I'll wait for a while.

3D really isn't a big selling point for me, it's all about the games and I have a feeling the NGP will be more up my alley, especially with it's dual sticks

If they do make a new MGS game for the 3DS though, I'll have no choice but to buy one.
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Yeah I grabbed one yesterday from JB with an accessory pack for 290. I figure the price isn't likely to get better than that for a while and I have kids in the house that will use it.

After playing with it for a while, my thoughts are..
-Its shiny and new
-WPS for router connection is nice
-The ~3D just doesn't do it for me personally but I have yet to play an actual 3d game, just the preloaded stuff.
-The preloaded AR stuff is great fun but it is in no way portable which is weird for a handheld console.
-The charging cradle is a nice idea but I don't like it.. its just as easy to plug it in normally and the DS keeps falling back under its own weight, so im not using it.

I like it but I feel like it is the Game boy equivalent of the next gen handheld, its obviously going to take us to new places with the 3D and greater power but I think this is a stepping stone product, I don't regret buying it but I would advise holding of until there is a 3D game that you simply must have.
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I would of gotten one day 1 but lack of games put me off. Shall see how things develop over the next couple of months.
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I bought one for my son which of course i had to try and make sure it works

I tried clone wars. Yes the 3d works but took a short while for my eyes to adjust to it. I am not sure whether the 3d will just be a gimick or not tbh.
The 3d camera thats included i was a bit disappointed with, although yes it does take 3d photos, the resolution was very poor and the pictures grainy.
The inclusion of an sd card is a good idea, probably the best 2 points for it are the change from the D-pad to an analogue stick and also the extendable stylus which are a lot easier to hold.
I am tempted to buy one for myself but again i am going to hold off and see how well developed it becomes
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GoodGame (ABC2) reviewed and indicated that it causes eye strain and headaches after a short period of time.

It's also recommended not to be used by children below the age of 6.

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there was talk about banning the sale of it to minors here in AU due to the 3d effect (must go and find that article) it is not good for kids and there eyes

looking after the peeps in TWAU
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Tried it the other day... very briefly. Got eye strain within seconds. Kind of a cross eyed feeling I guess, but still having to focus.
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