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bati107 22nd December 2011 10:04 AM

Xbox Slim or PS3
I'm planing to buy one gaming console, which one is better?

Ancient_One 22nd December 2011 01:02 PM

I'm biased and would argue for the PS3 but it all comes down to a personal thing.

Bluray player PS3
Easy HD replacement 2.5 laptop drives.
Best voice comms I believe are on XBOX.
No monthly fee's is the PS3 unless you pay for the Plus service.
Games for the most part are on both unless they are specific.

Chief 22nd December 2011 03:44 PM

I reckon PS3 as well, the easy (and cheap) hard drive replacement and a wider range of exclusive titles are the biggest selling points in my opinion.

Father 22nd December 2011 07:21 PM

Tough one, I have both

Better gfx on exclusive titles and their exclusives are better as they are not stuck to DX9 gfx, I did play Uncharted, Heavy rain while I didn't play any of the 360 exclusives like Halo and Gears, a bit too juvenile for my taste.
Better Media Player
Upgradeable hard drive
Quiet! but I assume the slim fixes that
Compatible with PC racing wheels if you are into racing games with a wheel.
The online store is utter crap, so digital distribution of AAA titles is non existent.

Better overall interface although the recent upgrade is pushing the advertising too far.
I prefer the larger shape controller
Better performance on games that are DX based which seems to be the majority.
Online store is OK but rip off pricing so you would still visit the store, yes even for games that are 2+ years old. So compared to the PS3 it's basically shit just for a different reason.

I don't play multiplayer games at all on consoles but no doubt the 360 is the better platform there albeit not free.

Given what I know today, I woud buy a PS3 tbh, but my reasons may not match yours though.

I hardly play console games for starters and if the game is on PC I'll get it there, most multiplatform are on PC as well and that leaves the exclusives which for me are more appealing on PS3 as mentioned earlier.
This choice would be totally different if it wasn't for my PC though, if I did not play on PC I would get a 360.

Another reason is that it's pretty much confirmed that we will be getting the 360 sequel announced at E3 next year, ps4 is a little bit less clear.

Not helping am I ;)

Bawheidbob 23rd December 2011 04:49 AM

I have both PS3, 360 Elite was the worst purchase i have made...ever but i do not like Halo.

Cindax 23rd December 2011 02:16 PM

I see the most distinguishing feature between the two consoles as the ~exclusive FPS titles, try letting that be your guide as almost everything else comes out even in the long run.

..unless you need a blu-ray player :)

urgal1 27th December 2011 02:17 AM

Im on the ps3 side, as other have said bluray etc.

But damm it's easy to set up as a media box for streaming.

FunkyJ 27th December 2011 06:17 AM

The xbox appears to get a better range of games on the XBLA service, so in addition to the online gaming being so good, I think the xbox just nudges the PS3 out.

However, if you want to watch videos on the device as well as play games, get a PS3.

mcdMagix 13th January 2012 04:50 PM

Xbox fanboi here... I made the full switch from PS3 to Xbox years ago purely because I enjoyed gaming on the Xbox more. Plus the the Xbox controller is a million times more comfortable in my hands.

Exclusive titles really aren't of any concern, though I friggin love Gears of War series! Great story and voice acting, worth getting an Xbox just to play through it. At the time I made the switch PSN sucked compared to the paid Xbox live service, and I as I understand it, the XBL service is still superior to PSN.

I'm too simple to run multiple consoles these days.... :D

Edit: Also the kinect is a great add on, I don't own one personally though I have played around with my sisters and they're some fun games that you can play on it.

Xavien 16th January 2012 05:55 AM

I bought a PS3 over the Xbox, but this was mainly down to the blu-ray when they were first released. Also i wanted heavy rain which was a PS3 exclusive and FFXIII although that was released on the xbox as well.

Xbox has more exclusive content like DLC etc.... because microsoft has an endless wallet. Personally if i were you i would wait until the PS4 and what ever microsoft releases to combat it. Both consoles are quite aged now and it wont be that long before we see new consoles released.

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