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The big N has been disappointing to me for the last decade or so.

The Gamecube had some decent games, but they were decidedly fewer in number than some of the exclusives to the PS2.

I passed on the Wii. One of my roommates bought one when it came out. We played it for about a week, then it just collected dust until we all moved out of that apartment.

Big N has got to show me something besides some A-list first party games. Honestly, there are times that I wish Nintendo would follow suit with Sega and just stop producing hardware and become another 3rd party software company.
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Originally Posted by Schizo View Post
I wish Nintendo would follow suit with Sega and just stop producing hardware and become another 3rd party software company.
Here here. I second that notion.
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Reports on the hardware aren't great, the CPU is the same as the one in the Wii just with double the cores, combined with fairly slow RAM. Apparently only 3 hours battery life on the controller too.

I'll wait until it's cheap and has a decent library of exclusives before considering it I think.
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Yes, that is a system update. It didn't ship with a lot of the software installed, from what i read about the only thing it does is play games out of the box. The download has the Miiverse and backwards compatibility among other software.

Haven't tested battery life of the controller manual states 3-3.5hrs, but you can get more by turning the volume down, and the brightness of the screen. Most functions are done on the controller, the main menu is on the controller screen rather then the tv, but that can be switched if you want to use the wii remote. The speed of the connection seems to be great stuff seems to happen on both screen at about the same time, downside is you can only get about 20 feet away from the console.

I don't know if it is the CPU slowing the system down or bad software. Launching any of the apps, or even the settings takes time seems to be about 15 seconds. You also have to wait that long when closing the app for the main menu to reappear. Also if you want to play a wii came you have to boot up the wii u, click on the wii app. then the whole system has to restart, and if you want to go back to the wii u another restart is required. Apparently this is also required for virtual console games as well.

Only game I got to play so far was Mario. It plays like past Mario games, which I have found to be fun. Of course being animation like graphics they look great in HD. Nice thing is you don't have to use your tv to play so you can play and have the TV on something else.

I'm with the couple of other people and wish they would just make games. It's not a bad system it's what the wii should have been. With Xbox and a new Playstation due soon it's gonna feel a generation old even though it's new just like the wii did. If it wasn't for Mario, Mario Cart, and Zelda most likely I wouldn't have bought the system.

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I bought one and we have really enjoyed it so far. We have only played Nintendo Land, the game that it came with so far. The entire family plays and we have a blast with it. I have preordered Super Mario U and ZombieU but still havent received them.
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I have one pre-ordered with ZombieU. I get every console on launch just because I can't help myself.
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If you didn't know KMart is selling the console for quite a decent price:

Wii U Premium Pack $379, Basic Pack $299 at Kmart from 30/11/2012 - OzBargain

Premium for $379.
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I will get one - The controller life is a bit but since i did not get a Wii i will have plenty of game to play.
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We've owned a Wii for ever so I looked very, very hard at buying a Wii U, whilst considering the bundles on offer for the Xbox and PS3. I factored in the vast back-catalogue of XBox/PS3 games available, either new or second-hand, all in HD and some in Full HD.

We ended up getting an XBox 250GB system with Kinect and three games for $219.00. Somebody had printed the price ticket out incorrectly and they had to honour that price. Needless to say they took the sticker down after I bought it. My kids are having a ball just going through the game demos on XBox Live and are making a list of future purchases

For me, the gee-wizz factor of the Wii U wasn't enough to get it over the line, not with Wii U games being the price they are at the moment. I just wasn't prepared to invest that much cash into a system that I felt wasn't all that convincing.
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well, i am all in on this thing.

xbox and 360 are going up for sale.

there are three problems as far as i am concerned.

1 clunky slow os, even post patch

2 no media streaming

3 pessimism

for mine, it is a bloody ripper of a unit with a world of potential. get on it.

*posting from it now, works a charm.

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