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I'm going to hold off until the next generation hits. The Wii U's hardware is about on par with the current gen systems (from what I understand), and it will probably look pretty dated once the next generation comes out next winter.

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5 days till I can play mine...
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I have mine but only played Zombie U for 15 mins then had to pack it away. On Xmas holidays for 3 more weeks and have no where to play it can't wait to get home to play heaps.
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I have one and myself and the kids are loving it.
We have Nintendoland, ZombiU, Blops2, Mario, Scribblenauts and Sonic on discs and Trine 2 via Download.
All I can say is that blops2 looks better on MP on the Wii U than it does on my ps3.

ZombiU is one of the best games I have ever played as well. Dont play alone in the dark!!
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We've had ours since Christmas Day and I'm very impressed with it. The integration between the new controller and the games is fantastic in some cases, some really clever stuff.

I haven't set up any of the online stuff yet as Getafix, Geta and every other variant seem to be taken I need to think of a new user name and I'm coming up with blanks so far. I'll be interested to have a look at that side of it though.

This is my first day off since Chrissie so I haven't had a lot of time to play, but the new Mario game is fun and the kids are hooked on Just Dance.

The talk of it being under powered compared to the future PS and Xbox doesn't bother me in the slightest, I see the Wii as a fun platform with an innovative control system and I wouldn't play any 'real' cross platform games on it anyway - that's what my vastly more powerful PC is for.

In this regard I think the PC and Wii U will coexist quite nicely, whereas - at least for me - an Xbox or PS4 would just seem redundant.

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All sounds promising - I did not get mine as I am in a transitional period at work (Might be having to leave) so could not take the risk forking out for new toys just in case.

Should know the lay of the land come February though so fingers crossed. I even have all the old Wii games which i never got to play as well
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