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Landmark All discussion regarding EQN's world building game

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Old 4th February 2013, 01:53 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by solarbear88 View Post
I think we both agree on the main jist but...

I consider what we see in GW2, Rift, WHO and WoW to be slightly different than EQ - hence I term it a WOW clone rather than an EQ clone. The way to level in EQ was to get a good group and grind a tough area together. The way to level in WoW was to run from ? to ? completing silly little quests.

I would love to see a transition back to old EQ and someone making a nice blend of themepark and sandbox. TBH I am not sure I would get much out of a pure sandbox. Cutting trees for 6h to make a little hut seems like quite a yawn to me. This is where EQ Next intrigues me quite a bit. I want to see what they come up with.
Well said mate, well said.
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I didn't play much EQ 1 but I played SWG extensively early on and that was almost all sandbox/no themepark (and the parks that were included were really shabby).

Funnily enough, Far Cry 3 recently sorta reminds me (at least in style) of what I like. A directed set of stories I can do if I want and a sandbox the rest of the time where the world is pretty much my oyster.

Surely it can't be so hard to blend the two considering we have over a decade in real time (and probably 100's of man years) of knowledge accrued in the realm of MMO games...

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There were good reasons for Everquest picking up nicknames like "Evergrind" and "Evercamp". Ironically there weren't a huge amount of quests available in the original game, and those that did exist often involved waiting for rare spawns or farming the same mobs over and over for a rare drop.

And as already mentioned, levelling involved setting up a camp and running out and bring mobs back for the group to kill, often one at a time as heavy AoE was something only raids could make happen unless fighting trivial mobs.

I don't see them resurrecting the old EQ model, the fans more than likely won't want to see another WoW clone either so I'm guessing they will need to do something new and different.
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It appears that I now have a couple of mmo's to look forward to giving a go..
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This is also a game I will try. I look back with fond memories of camping. Enjoyed the pace and chatting with one's team mates. I am not sure that will hold true in todays gaming world so it will be interesting to see how they now deal with the grind.
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EQ1 was my first MMO and I really loved everything about it. I had fun in EQ2 as well even though the magic was a bit gone. Had a wonderful time in VG which was supposed to be EQ3. You will certainly see me in EQ Next when it gets out or even before if I find a door to get in the beta
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Everquest Next gets revealed early August.

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I'm hoping for immersion. I've been trying to put my finger on what has been missing for me from MMOs since WoW. When I say immersion - I want to feel attached to the world and my character, I don't want to feel like I'm playing a fictional character, in a fictional world made by someone else. I think animations, combat animations, art style, the world itself, help me get immersed.

GW2 is a beautiful game, but I just don't feel any connection to it, or the world. Speaking of EQ, growing up in Freeport as a young Necromancer I was shunned by the locals, I had to find a hidden underground cave to learn my new spells and buy my materials. Being able to become friendly with the Paladins of North Freeport by killing the corrupt guards in Freeport helped immerse me in the game. Day/night cycles help immerse me in the game, the world feels alive, rain, snow.............etc. Being terrified to run through Kithicor Forrest at night, I was actually scared, lol = immersion. Hanging in the Desert of Ro, getting rabies and running around trying to find a cure = immersion. Corpse runs? Not immersion. Being terrified to die and lose your worldly possessions = immersion. There needs to be a risk and reward factor to MMOs, its gone from today's MMOs.

I'm hoping EQ Next brings this level of emotional involvement back to MMOs.

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Like many i also want immersion in a game and EQN could be THE ONE.

SOE is working with Storybricks

The team at Storybricks have been busy since they announced the end of the their original project. At the time they stated that they would be working with other companies to help make MMOs even better. Of course, they didn’t release any details as to who they’re working with.
But, yesterday Storybricks announced that they have been working with SOE on EverQuest Next. They’ve been working with them for several months and the announcement states that EQN is “the biggest sandbox ever designed”.
Sadly, that’s really all the details we have at the moment. But, I think that EverQuest Next being a sandbox is a pretty big announcement on it’s own.

Full article - Sony Online teams with Storybricks on EverQuest Next sandbox.

This is what storybricks brings to the project.

We designed and built an emotional intelligence engine in order to breathe life into virtual characters. They have their own goals, moods, they interact among themselves and take decisions on their own. The story no longer revolves solely around scripted behavior: game worlds can now be rich and complex. We wake up every day with the same mission of bringing you worlds filled with living, complex, emotional characters as never seen before. What will change is the way we deliver it."

Full article - Sony Online collaborating with Storybricks on Everquest Next | GamesIndustry International

this next link has heaps of stories about the pairing - the tattered notebook one is a really good read - Namaste Entertainment | Massively

The storybricks boss seems to think the EQN will be the MMO to beat for the next 10 years - I hope that's true, between that and the fun factor wildstar looks like bringing I would be a very happy Togger

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This game has really gotten my interest. Can't wait to learn more.

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