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white_bear_84 9th November 2012 12:48 PM

MWO Division Signup

New to TOG:

Firstly, welcome to The Older Gamers forums! If you are interested in playing with the TOG MWO division and are over the age of 25, you can head over to the barracks to sign up for access to the TOG members forums.

About TOG

The next step is to drop by and visit the MWO division sign up thread to provide your TOG username and MWO username and your done! Once you have access to the members only forums, you will also have access to a plethora of MWO information including (but definitely not limited to!) the following;

  • Maps and strategies
  • Chassis and equipment cost details
  • Friendly chat on gameplay elements and experiences
  • Discussion and details of patch updates and in game features

And much more! Many of us are also present on the TOG TeamSpeak server, forming organised groups of players, of course you are free to chose if you wish to join the teamspeak chat, although we would encourage players to drop in to say hi!! :)

Existing TOG members:

If you are an existing TOG member, drop by the MWO division sign up thread if you are interested in being part of the MWO division, and your done!

If your interested in joining but want to get some more information first, feel free to post up in the forums or PM either myself White_bear_84 (MWO Division Captain), or one of our Officers, Stealth_1S1K_ / Dragonkindred with any questions you might have!

We also have a comprehensive Division Information Thread, bursting with Battletech goodness!

So for new members, welcome to the division! In the meantime, check out some our shenanigans here:



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