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Hello Brown,

I think we had a miscommunication in the aim of the night and our attitudes to the game. Not a deal breaker but I had a couple of guys call it early (which I suspect was due to the below)

The first few matches we played DSA had what felt like nothing but ECM mechs equipped with AC and PPC. nary a LRM of laser in sight.

I made everyone change weight classes each round and told Toggers to bring what they liked re loadouts and wasn't expecting that type of opposition.

I think DSAstuck to the same chassis and were more working towards meta builds only for maximum combat effectiveness.

The last two matches however were brilliant when we ran nothing but trial mechs, I put it down to a more even playing field.

Yours truly even managed a flanking manoeuvre (I even timed properly) to bring out a win.

In short I suspect DSA came into the night wanting to be a bit more competitive than we were expecting. I think its sorted for next week where we will try a couple of matches expecting the meta game (which I think we can match) and a few more where we bring a variety of mechs for trying out different tactics.
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