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Default Grand theft forum.. ..lots of useful stuff for MWO

Ok, please forgive me for commiting grand theft forum, i stole the information below from a really useful post in the MWO forums. These links should be very useful for anyone keen on finding out more information on the product. I have provided it here since i know the MWO forums are like an impossible maze sometimes...

Thanks to Kaemon for putting together this post, please send him your grats!

Code of Conduct, Posting Etiquette and FAQ
Posting Etiquette

http://mwomercs.com/...-announcements/ - Your daily feed for information on the InnerSphere

Game Info
House Factions - Faction info.

Ask the Devs/Dev Blogs
This is the Ask the Dev/Dev Blog thread list, this will give you a good overview of the game and will be updated often.

TwitterChat #1 - Full Q&A link (offsite)...hero mechs?

Ask The Devs #3 - Answered.

Ask The Devs #2 - Answered.

Ask The Devs #1 - Answers listed below!

Dev Blog 0 - Reboot info (start here!)

Dev Blog 1 - Community Warfare - (Inner Sphere, Faction Warfare, Loyalty Points/Ranks)

Dev Blog 2 - Information Warfare - (BattleGrid, Modules,Targeting Tweaks, Detection/modes, Spoofing)

Dev Blog 3 - Role Warfare - (4 gameplay roles, Role Aggregation)

Dev Blog 4 - Role Warfare (Cont.) - (XP Actions, BattleMech Efficiencies, Pilot Skills, Module Costs, Scout Role Skills, Assault/Defense Skills, *Commander* Skills).
*Skills Tree Diagram*

Dev Blog 5 (part 1) - Mech Warfare (Whoa Nelly!) - Gameplay Experience, Mech Operations, Heat Management, Weapons Systems, Ammunition, Controls, Movement Hinderance, HUD, Damage Readout, Throttle, Jump Jets, Torso Twist, Mini-Map, Heat Meter, Weapons Readout, Aim Reticles, Weapon Group Readiness Indicators, Range Finder, Pitch Indicators, Compass, Damage Direction Indicator, Cockpit Monitors, Targeting.

Wednesday Hot Drop - Teaser Trailer + story (same vid as Game Trailer below, but with a nice story added for context).

[REDACTED] 5 Pt. 2 - ***Transmission deleted by ComStar ***

Dev Blog 6 - Mechlab - Hardpoint System, Weapons, Armor, Engines, Heat Sinks, Jump Jets, ECM Equipment, Modules.

Dev Q&A's answer questions to the Dev Blogs posted above, the numbers do match up (except for the Dev Blog 0, but that's included in Q&A 1...sorta).

Ask The Devs Answer #3 - Friend list, Friendly Fire, Dynamic Weather Effects.

Ask The Devs Answer #2 - Mech weight and loadout. Custom matches. Customization costs (only for Prosperity Park).

Ask The Devs Answer #1 - List of weapons/equipment available at 'Launch'

Developer Q&A 1- General overview

Developer Q&A 2 - Community Warfare

Developer Q&A 3 - Information Warfare

Developer Answer Q&A 4 - Role Warfare

Dev Interviews
A little background on our Developers.

Dev Interview 1 - Alex 'Flying Debris' Iglesias (mech artist)

Dev Interview 2 - Randall 'Deep Blue' Bills (Continuity Manager/Fictional Lore Manager)

Dev Interview 3 - Paul 'Pink Thunder' Inouye (Lead Dev/Troll), David Bradley (game designer), Bryan 'Mad Weasel' Ekman (Creative Director)

Dev Interview 4 - Omid Kiarostami, Thad Jantzi, Kevin Meek

Dev Interview 5 - Evan Halim, Enrique Barahona Ramos, Thomas 'Fireball' Dziegielewski

Dev Interview 6 - Dion Linaker, Colin Huang, Stephen Andrusyszyn

Misc. Announcements
Stuff Announced that does not fall into any specific category...

Weekly Screenshots - Currently on #4!

May News Attack! - Updated News Release schedule for May...hooray!

Friends and Family BETA is a go - Closed BETA running, Matt N. confirms joystick support...

GDC 2012 Info - Game Developer's Conference, PGI/MW:O is there!

GDC Post Interview - How it went, thoughts, how many times Matt Newman lost his GDC badge, etc...

Game Trailer - Please read A Few Notes About The Trailer
(Yes we KNOW, it's 'Nominal' not 'Online' ..being fixed.) GDC vid (Russ interview) GDC gameplay vid only (no talky)

CryENGINE3 Announcement (suck it Hero Engine!)

Why you want MW:O to be F2P- Yes you do and this is why

Is it Done Yet - Matt 'Hula Girl' Newman doing what he does best!

Russ 'Thumper' Bullock on Mektek's 'Solaris Assault Tek'

International Forum - Mechwarrior en ligne est le bébé de la planète!

MechWarrior in the News - News Articles/Interviews about MW:O

Popular Forum Threads/Resources
Some examples of player created resources...

Dance Mechlab, Dance! - Paul explains the Mechlab...and promises dancing and monkeys (best.thread.evah).

Repainted Concept Art - Awesome stuff going on here, bring your photoshop skills!

Signature Request Thread - Get your sig on!

No Guts, No Galaxy Podcast- Our resident Podcast covering all things Battletech, give it a try.

HyperPulse Radio - Our Internet radio station (now with player!).

MechWarrior Wiki - I did it all for the wiki...

MechWarrior Online Wiki - So nice we needed 2 wiki's

MechSpecs.com - MinMaxers Unidos!

Sarna.net - THE definitive source for Battletech info

MW:O IRC Channel (unofficial)
1R( 1$ 4\/\/3$0/\/\3
Network: irc.esper.net
Channel: #MWOF

Penny Arcade Season 2. Episode 25 (Microtransactions)
A nice discussion on what we like about F2P and what we don't.
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that's all great stuff, and i've poured over much of it (specific to MWO) for many months...of course i started playing TT BattleTech back in '86, so there are many, many resources out there, much of which has been available for years.

for those who are familiar with the old MechWarrior games, you might find this version a little more restrictve in some regards. the developers are literally following the timeline of the canon day-by-day starting with daily new feeds last year in the year "3048". so right now in the game universe it is 30 May, 3049. the short of it is this:

the invasion of the Clans does not happen until next year (first wave was march-april 3050). this means there will be no Timber Wolf (Mad Cat), Nova, Dire Wolf, Summoner or any of the Clan mechs until then at the earliest. right now there are only the mechs of the Inner Sphere (IS) available. 11 have been announced (12 at launch), with 3 mechs in each weight class...light, medium, heavy, and assault.

here is the current list-

of the links white bear was kind enough to provide, the most important ones are the following:

MechWarrior Online this is the main site, of course
BattleTechWiki this provides all the lore, history, and specs for every mech/vehicle/person in the BattleTech universe
MechWarrior Online Wiki | mwo game, mechwarrior online, mechwarrior faq, mech game this wiki is specific to MWO, and is therefore more concise, but much less thorough

of course if you are just interested in piloting a giant robot and blowing stuff up, then most of this information won't matter much to you
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