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Warmonger 10th October 2012 03:22 AM

Okay, I have had the beta invite sitting in my email for a while, but have been really busy with Guild Wars 2. So I downloaded and started playing yesterday. And I have this question: Is the game currently only testing limited content, or is this "it" so to speak? Seems like some tutorials, trial matches and such would be pretty handy before jumping straight into the action. All I seem to get is the assault missions in random battlefields as well. Some actual missions would be pretty cool, like assault or defend the convoy, take out an armory etc etc...

It's hard to tell at times with betas, and I really haven't found a lot of info on their site yet, though I will admit I haven't poured through every forum they have....

Warmonger 10th October 2012 03:29 AM

A further question. When you finally buy a mech and outfit it and such, do you have to pay for your repairs and ammunition? Cause so far I suck horribly and this would be an extremely expensive thing..... yet none of the trial mechs really fit the various playstyles I have had over the years in the Battletech/Mechwarrior games.

grouchy 10th October 2012 03:52 AM

You really need to go spend some time on the MWO boards. Read their dev blogs on what they want to accomplish.

Ignore a lot of the whining posts, just read the developers vision statements. Then visit the comments on what they consider closed beta versus open beta. They are still not to the point where it is considered open.

There will be a small patch today and a much larger one planned for the 16th.

(and no, this isn't it).

As to the last question, yes. The economy has been seeing some adjustments. Paying for repairs isn't too costly right now.

Bru1zer 10th October 2012 10:08 PM

Also the trial mechs run HOT really hot, they earn stuff all but they are free to repair, once you get your hands on a custom chassis things will be much easier.

New game modes due next month.

Warmonger 11th October 2012 12:21 AM

Thanks for the info. The Dev Blogs are definitely a good read. Game was doing really good for me, performance wise until this last patch, then it seems to have taken a bad turn like for a lot of people. Now if I can just get better at hitting my targets...... 50 games, 1 kill, a bazillion deaths.... my damage done tallies seem a lot lower then they should be. I mean, it looks like I hit mechs a bunch in a match, and then at the end it says my damage done was like 40..... still don't understand that....

Also looks like coordinated groups do pretty well. Any active NA players around here?

grouchy 11th October 2012 01:35 AM

This patch is interesting. My first mission I was seeing frame rates of 14 to 30. Where in the previous version it was in the 60 to 80s. On the next few runs of the same map the fps jumped up to 60. They moved to a new version of cryengine. Wild guess is there was some optimization or texture unpacking that did not occur until after the initial run of a map.

On the developers vision, there are bits and pieces present now and there has been steady work on getting pieces in place. They have the mech lab working pretty well, an initial team matching system, four maps with one needing a little more work, the mech and pilot skills and modules were just recently enabled. Next week is supposed to be a large patch. New mech types, endo-steel and ferro-fibrous armor. Looking forward to it although with the size of the patch I expect there to be some bugs.

Asmodai 16th October 2012 11:58 AM

The biggest problems you'll have as a new pilot, particularly in a trial mech, are:

1. Cheesebuilds, ie. fotm (favourite of the month) min/max builds which are designed to take a theme to the nth degree. eg. the gaussapult (K2 variant of the Catapult replaces 2 machine guns with two gauss rifles). The result is an insane level of alpha strike power that can usually tear up assault mechs in no time flat. Other variants are the LRM atlas boat which can constantly spam LRM's without heat concerns, the Jenner with small pulse lasers which, due to lag, are virtually impossible to hit, and the streakcat, another catapult variant which has a bunch of streak launchers which all currently home on CT.

2. Trial builds are typically sourced from the tech manuals and as such are often jack of all/master of none. eg. centurian, 2 mlas, AC10 and LRM5 if memory serves, which ends up being "massive victim unable to do much of anything"

3. Premade teams, usuall a spotter, couple of brawlers and a bunch of high dps missile boats. Fortunately, PGI are changing the way premades work to make them less of an issue but currently lone wolfing is a good way to get murdered a lot.

There is the core of a good game in there, the movement etc just 'feels' right, but tabletop players expecting something akin to that experience are usually in for a rude shock.

Hybrjd 30th October 2012 11:21 PM

New pilots should definitely check out the forums. You might get by with just hopping in a trial mech and "figuring it out", but a nice place to start might be HERE.

grouchy 31st October 2012 01:27 AM

We had a few new people join our group last night. They asked if it was better to try some of the trial mechs solo or to read a bit and learn.

We always tell them to hop into voice chat and run a few games with us. Just being in the cockpit where we can give them pointers and herd them along is a much better experience than running solo and not knowing enough.

The client UI is still pretty rough. It manages to get a few things done, but a large number of them are non-intuitive.

Warmonger 31st October 2012 07:46 AM

Yeah, haven't had time to try it for a while now, but hopefully will again soon. I seem to have figured out much of it on my own, as a lot of the forum information isn't very clear. The biggest thing that brought me a lot of deaths, was standing there trying to figure out via trial-and-error how to group my weapons. Finally did though, so that's a big help.

A few weeks back when I started trying the game out, I had hopped into TS a few times, but never encountered anyone else.

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