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Legendary for this camper

Can't wait, are we forming a TOG Merch Corp ?

Or Going one of the Factions?

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FYI another batch are due out, they're not going to everyone at once but rather randomly from the pool of founders. They did it this way because lots had trouble getting their sale registered those first few days.

We need you, Citizen!
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Legendary for me

Cheers Guns
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Legendary here. No Beta invite yet but will keep fingers crossed.
"That is not dead which can eternal lie
Yet with strange aeons even death may die."
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There is no problem with people announcing they have signed up for Founders program but please, please do not announce if you have received an invite for the Closed Beta.

TOG does not condone breaches of NDA's so do not post anything regarding the Closed Beta thanks.

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Hey guys,

If your TOG then drop down to the TOG members MWO forum and post your callsign and preferred house affiliation and i will add you to our increasingly big list!!

TOG Mechwarrior call signs
MWO: White Bear 84 | Minecraft/Rust: white_bear_84 | BF3/BF4 - Fired_up_Bear84 | ESO: WhiteBear84 |
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Andreeon here can't wait till this comes out
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If I was to get a hypothetical entry to this beta, and spend hours downloading it, I'd be incredibly disappointed my rig couldn't run it
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