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Mach 5 23rd May 2012 05:42 PM

closed beta signups/founders program
i signed up on the MWO site on day one and read the forums daily. everyone interested best get registered straight away. apart from the usual ping issues, it looks as if everyone in TOG could qualify for an early go at it. cheers!

from the MWO website:
MechWarrior Online

Operation: Clarification

by Piranha Games May 22, 2012 11:24 AM PDT
Hi everyone!
You've probably seen our big news today - Beta signups are official! But how, you ask?

First, log onto the forums; then click profile and it's right there! For greater clarity closed beta starts today! we will be inviting users as soon as tomorrow.

Secondly, how the Founders program beta/early access works: The program is purchasable on June 19th and you gain guaranteed access to the closed beta on July 17th.

Thirdly, the reason this announcement stated 'North America' is that it's for North American servers As we have mentioned we are working very hard to launch MechWarrior Online in every region worldwide. We may also run a similar Operation for other regions, therefore we are required to recommend that for the best play experience you register and play in your region in the near future. However There is no IP blocking. You can signup from everywhere just keep in mind that if you are outside of North America we cannot guarantee your play experience.

Thanks for being the most awesome fanbase ever, and we hope this clears up your questions.


The MechWarrior Online team.

Bru1zer 25th May 2012 09:55 PM

Sweet get on it guys.

Mach 5 26th May 2012 10:13 AM

invites have have a better chance if you complete your MWO profile (including questionaire)

MechWarrior Online | Closed Beta Invites Arriving Now!

white_bear_84 28th May 2012 10:26 AM

Profile 100%..

Like the question 'Will you be buying a founders pack'.. ..wonder if thats the make or break question for the Beta testing :p

Judge_Kiwi 28th May 2012 06:29 PM


Opps, I'm not allowed to tell you I'm in Beta due to ND. Please ignore this post


Mach 5 29th May 2012 02:55 AM

as this title is still a little under the radar, and likely to be a bit of a niche one at that, odds are pretty good (better than many, anyway) that if you have done your due diligence as far as your profile goes, that you will be selected as a tester at some point.

my call sign is pharaoh.

although the NDA is very strict in this case, it is most certainly not a violation to say that if any of you get an invite, look for me in the purely hypothetical case that i was also invited.

this game has been designed with a great deal of "sim" elements and complexity, and also places heavy emphasis on teamwork.

in any event, beta is going to last a few months, and anyone who purchases the founder's package is guaranteed access by 19 july.

theZee 29th May 2012 02:40 PM

Completed questionnaire 100% and fingers crossed :D

Asmodai 29th May 2012 03:52 PM

Completed 100%. If it's like WoT with mecha, I will officially be in heaven once I get my hands on a fast scout... =D

Mach 5 29th May 2012 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by Asmodai (Post 3540597)
Completed 100%. If it's like WoT with mecha, I will officially be in heaven once I get my hands on a fast scout... =D

Model: JR7-D
Mass: 35 tons
Class: Light
Speed: 118.8 km/h

by contrast, the top speed of the 100-ton assault mech Atlas is 54 km/h...

the Jenner is the mech equivalent of a T-50-2 (and with the jump jets can "fly" 150m as well), and every bit as annoying, so heaven it is for you :p

Mav5583 30th May 2012 06:57 AM

I've signed up and hope to God I get into the beta. I used to play Mechwarrior 2 and 3 obsessively as a young lad! I hope they bring back some of my favorite mechs. I used to love the puma, hehehe. Do you guys plan to play with the mouse/keyboard or are you going to use a joystick? I'm half tempted to go out and buy a joystick for old times sake :).

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