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I was under the impression that we would have a whitelist and have people apply for access on the public forums?
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I was just going along with the thought before the whitelist was implemented that whether we needed a whitelist once the blocks restriction and groups thing was sorted out. But the whitelist is working well so far and it's good to just let ppl post in the forum before they can be added to the list.
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I was under the impression that we would have a whitelist and have people apply for access on the public forums?
I thought so too...

I thought we'd decided that full TOG members and those that are vouched for by full TOG members had immediate access - anyone else wouldn't be able to do anything in the game (but walk around and get to know us and what we're doing), and had to post here to apply to have access - and have a period of time where they have to basically show they are ok to allow access to.

Because otherwise all someone has to do is come in, be told to post in the forums, say a "hey add me" get added, and then they are free to go about destroying everything - which is not that much different to people just having access right off the bat.
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please see the post about group settings in the other forum and leave your feedback there.
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Must say that I prefer the groups approach with restricted build access for "probationary" players, and the default being no build access.

I think judging the whitelist approach as an effective long term solution/protection on the strength of a few days is fraught with danger. And that's from someone with a lot less work to be lost than many who have built some amazing structures.

Using Kazaar (nothing against him) as an example, he's what we would classify a "pubber", he popped on the server one night having found the IP via google or similar I believe. He built for an hour or two that night, registered on the TOG forum here and his only post has been to ask for whitelisting which occurred. Now IF he'd been intent on destruction that's not much of an investment to then the next time he logs on start burning down every wooden construction he finds and causing other untold destruction. It's not hard to warp around to a spot where the owner is currently not logged in and destroy stuff without anyone who is on the server knowing.

Just my 2 cents

EDIT: Ok going to other thread. Was typing while Fate posted
Cheers......Thermal Ions
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I must say Thermal that you are completely correct as to the ease of being put on the whitelist as a possible open door for griefers and that it does only take one person, some flint and a pickaxe to completely ruin the best laid plans of mice and men.

however i don't feel that your average griefer would go to all the effort to register then post in a clan server when their are a few public servers where you could just as easily flood someones underwater mega fortress acropolis. Mabye im just seeing this as an outsider, but whenever your trying to build a community of strong fun players your leaving yourself open to exploitation, its merely whether you would proffer security of a few trusted people over the creativity or strength that new players bring in (in no way am i saying i am a strong or creative addition, but i don't grief, i try not to screw anything up and generally try to have a good time playing with some likeminded minecrafters).

My $2.99

by the way, posted twice now
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