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Default Highway from Spawn, past Kitty, finishing at Hoathy

As discussed online;

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Looks cool and not stepping anyone's shoes. If Kitty feels that it is too close to her once erected, then that part can be altered (perhaps turning on the green penisula and ending up on the south side of your construction Hoathy instead of the north side). However, that is for you to sort out with her. Since there aren't formal claims on Frontier, all empty land is free to be used (whilst still respecting other players).


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Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
that is for you to sort out with her
Yeah we were discussing it online and I showed her where it would likely end up (we almost drowned in the process, whoops). Posted the pic to help my explanation. I probably could have PM'ed it but thought it wouldn't hurt for others to know.
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I made the road system in the bottom desert that it will connect to. I approve of expanding that road in some fashion
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I'm quite happy with the location and happy to help out with supplies and/or construction. It's a nice easy walk to my house and I get to design the 'off ramp'. I think Isthiriel was planning on building on the sand to the south of my house.

What do people think of combining this road with a railway? Either side-by-side on the same level as the 'footpath', like a tram line running down a road, or one above the other?
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I think a tram or rail system would be neat. Maybe eventually we can spread it out to our little swamp Maorin (Dodfisk) and I are currently toying with.
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