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Old 23rd October 2012, 03:01 PM   #1 (permalink)
Harmless - Post: 6

Default Howdy Doody


I've been in TOGs Counter Strike division for a year now, an avid minecrafter on the side and have only just thought to myself "why am I not minecrafting with other TOGs?"

So I'm checking this out! I was wondering about the server setup. I was looking at the Our Worlds sticky and liked the look of Sanctuary Server with land claiming. One quick question, is there PvP in this Server? I like the occasional duel.

I'll apply soon! Thanks.
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Hi MU3L,

As stipulated in the TOG Minecraft Server Code of Conduct, both our servers are by default not PVP. However, the Frontier survival server does have a PvP area set aside for those wish to conduct banditry, ambushes and destruction. This area is in the south of the world and is called the Wild West. See The Wild West pvp region on Frontier

We also occasionally have events like Hunger Games scenarios which are PvP. For that we have a small arena, a large Hunger Games "island" and have been developing a Hunger Games City. HenriDeacon is the Division's Hunger Games Architect.

Hope we will hear more from you soon. Because you aren't a bigger poster on the TOG forums, I recommend you get someone from the CounterStrike Division to give us a shout to say that they will vouch for you. It is just how we cross the 't's and dot the 'i's to avoid getting griefers on our servers. I see you say DeeP will do so, which would be great!


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We also run occasional PvP scenarios, where players are given a short background story, and a mission to hunt each other down for a bounty.
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