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Default Our Worlds - servers, maps, claims, downloads

Our Worlds - servers, maps, claims, downloads... (Authentication server) must also be up for players to connect to our servers:


Feed the Beast (FTB)
If you need to know where to start with FTB click

Serenity Server:

Server Version: FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4 v1.0.16
Please unzip this file into your config directory.
Some Serenity Guidlines/Rules

Next Scedulued Downtime / Notes:

View Serenity Map
A google map type of map for Serenity

How to contribute to TOG run server funds CLICK HERE

Vanilla Minecraft

Frontier Server:
Server Version: Spigot for 1.7.5
Claims: n/a

Next Scheduled Downtime / Notes:


Misnik's Server (Allied server):
See Misnik's Server - The Older Gamers Forums

Marveltastic RPG Server (Allied server):
See Marveltastic RPG Server - The Older Gamers Forums

Irimar's Agrarian Fantasy (Allied Server):

See IAF (Private - TOG Members Only) - The Older Gamers Forums

Note that if the server is running a previous version of Minecraft (while we await the mods we utilise to be updated) you should chose to not update when prompted by the Minecraft loader. If you have updated and need to roll back your version, or are a new player who doesn't have the previous version, you may wish investigate use of the following binary difference tool which avoids breaking the Minecraft T&C requirements around redistribution of the game client.MC Nostalgia - [TOOL] MCNostalgia


TOG MindCrack Server:
IP: This server was replaced by the Serenity and allied servers
Server Version: FeedTheBeast MindCrack 8.2
Beginner's guide to the TOG FTB Mindcrack server)
Maps: MindCrack world (day, night), city
Claims: Coloured Ender chest claims , Wireless redstone frequencies
Downloads: Only available to allied World Architects

Sanctuary Server:
IP: This world was can be found as a part of the new Frontier vanilla server (portal at spawn)
Server Version: Bukkit for 1.3.2
Maps: Sanctuary map
Claims: Sanctuary claims
Downloads: Overworld (360.31 MB), Nether & End (50.6 MB)

TOGlympics Server:
IP: This was for an event (The Older Gamers Forums)
Server Version: Bukkit for 1.3.2
Maps: TOGlympics map
Download: ( 39.3 MB)
Claims: n/a

Notes: Started 28/7/12

Creative Server:
IP: This world was replaced by Sanctuary.
Server Version: Beta 1.7.3
Maps: Creative map
Download: (1.02 GB)

Survival Server:
IP: This world was replaced by Frontier.
Server Version: Beta 1.7.3
Maps: Survival map
Download: (236 MB)

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