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Default Non-MC related question...

My wife has just started a new business and we're looking to boost our Likes on Facebook. Not sure on the forum rules for these types of requests (if they fall under advertising etc) so I thought I'd ask first.

Is it ok to put my hand out begging for likes (lol)?

Also, here is a random faceplant for your time reading

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Send me the Business name and i will get Sanzhin, Megoli and a few others to hit like.
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Beg Away, just tell people to "check out my page" and I am sure we will take care of the rest, just no spamming "I got THIS for sale you buy?"
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what ever you do, dont pay facebook.
its a complete con.

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That was an interesting video, I'm just happy I totally ignore facebook
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Hey, I thought I'd ask my wife, who is getting started in social media management.

she says:

First thing is to work out who is your ideal customer. e.g. Gender, location, income bracket, and general social disposition. Because whatever you are selling to them need to fill a need.

The most effective way to get likes is to pay for target facebook ads, which can be locked down to you ideal customer's details - e.g. location, gender, age bracket. Locking down the location locks down the possibility for like farms to get applied.

You can also set a daily budget to make your money go further. You don't want me be paying more than 10-20c (nz) per like.

The next best is to continue to advertise to friends and family, but to encourage them to like, comment and share posts. Post often, and 70-80% fun, non-business related content. Include 'calls to action' - "like my page to be updated on VIP specials" "Share this picture if you agree".

Finally if there are other small business owners in your area you might be able to network with them to increase your and their likes - collaboration/giveaways/brand ambassadors.

--end wifey content

And we are happy to like your business too.
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