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31st October 2014 until 1st November 2014
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Last day for TOGTober!

Last 24 hours to win!
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28th October 2014 until 11th November 2014
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World of Warcraft to get Australian servers!

Blizzard recently announced they would be providing Australian based servers for their Oceania realms. All Oceania realms will be moved to these servers from maintenance tonight, Tuesday the 28th of October. Maintenance will be extended to 24hrs to allow the move to take place.

Blizzard have offered free transfers for Australians and New Zealanders playing on US based realms so they may take advantage of these new servers. We have a two week window to complete transfer of characters and guilds to Oceania realms. In the past week TOG members of Thorns of Gold on Proudmoore server have decided to move the guild to Caelestrasz and this move will take effect when that server resumes for play sometime on Wednesday night.

It is important that all TOG members who have an interest in World of Warcraft and who may have characters on Proudmoore, or any other US based servers for that matter, are made aware that this free transfer offer is available for a limited time. A new forum for Caelestrasz has already been set up so if you have any questions please feel free to visit us there.
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