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Obsi 4th October 2010 08:42 AM

Please post any warps you have created that you are happy to share with others (and where they go to).... so we can help people find their way around to some of the fantastic creations we have!

The full warplist is found here -

Community Warp Spots
(Warps created for benefit of all users)
obsidiancave - Huge caverns of obsidian & other resources
spawn - The Spawn point in Spawn Village
townsquare - the western half of Spawn village

Warps of Public Interest
(Waterslides, stuff to look at and other fun stuff)
botanicalgardens - The botanical gardens in Spawn Village
botanical.view - An view point for the gardens
daedalus.happysadman - he's happy :) and sad :(
dm.mario: "It's a me.... Mario"
EisenMeteor - The Shackled Sword
exe.slidetop - Top of Exe's waterslide
floating.islands - NAM's floating islands
great.lakes - Southern side of NAM's Great South Lakes
manuzza.pyramid - Manuzza's Inverted pyramid #1
obsi.slide - Start/top of Obsi's waterslide
pacman - Crazle's Pacman!
tower.climb - Fate's tower climbing game
wizen.collector - Mob drowner & indoor farm (can take the crops but replant wheat if you take it)
snaketails.splunking.adventure - An Exploratory area

Player's Personal Warp Spots

(Buildings and other creations)
Alexandria.castle - Worm's City
bookb.sandcastle - Bookbuster's castle made of sand
crazle.beach - Crazle's Beachhouse
daedalus.zombie.park - Please, do not feed the zombies.
daedalus.castle - Daedalus floating castle (near spawn)
dm.tower2 - Dangermouse's tower
eagles.reach - Thermal's Home in the Clouds
flibble.domain - A bunch of random little projects.
fuzz.sanctuary - A little piece of paradise (please don't burn it!)
greywulf.lair - Spice's dungeon
kor.v9 - Warps to the top of Vanguard Nine.
nam.home - Entrance of NAM Towers
nam.valley - (Possible site for future lava related shenanigans ;))
obsidian - Outside Obsi's castle
obsidian.tower - Top of the obsidian tower
obsi.bay - Bay area, overlooking Slide & Boat
obsi.mountain - Obsi's Mountain Home
obsi.ship - Deck of Obsi's Ship - Obsi Mountain Day Spa and Retreat
opti.mines - "The Opti Mines"
phaxx.foundaries - Entrance to the mining facility.
pikes.peak - (Mixa's Peak)
pikes.retreat - (Mixa's Retreat)
red_one.home - Red_One's Fortress of Solitude™
serenity.cave - NAM's pretty cave (no mining!)
skull.mountain - Outside Skull Mountain
snaketails - A Hut on the hill
snaketails.sandmine - Mid point of snaketails tunnel
snaketails.tunnel.e - Eastern section of tunnel
snaketails.tunnel.w - Western section of tunnel (underground) - Western section of tunnel
sorontar.refuge - Sorontar's main building
sorontar.blockhenge - Sorontar's "Blockhenge" (halfway down the hill) - Sorontar's building in Spawn village
spice.throne - The throne of darkness overlooking the Ruins of Retox
spice.isles - Floating islands south of the Phaxxlands
stone.mountain - NAM's Large stone mountain (possibly good mining?)

Sp!at 4th October 2010 09:21 AM

skull.mountain outside Skull Mountain

DangerMouse 4th October 2010 09:51 AM


Not finished by a long shot... nearly finished the roof - need more stone!

Spice. 4th October 2010 10:26 AM

kor.v9 - Warps to the top of Vanguard Nine.
phaxx.foundaries - Entrance to our mining facility.
greywulf.lair - Work in progress dungeon I've been building

red_one 4th October 2010 10:35 AM

red_one.home - my Fortress of Solitude™

(on the map as a R in torches, due south of spawn)

Non Action Man 4th October 2010 12:11 PM

when i went on my walk of wonder...

great.lakes - this goes to the southern side of what I called the Great South Lakes
floating.islands - goes to an area where there is a lot of floating islands... not sure how i managed to come up with that name...
stone.mountain a large stone mountain. Possibly good mining?
serenity.cave - please don't mine here. just a pretty place to visit
nam.valley - goes to my new palace get away.
nam.home - goes to the entrance of NAM Towers

Can you edit your post Obsi to include all the warp point in one list?


red_one 4th October 2010 12:42 PM

Do we have a communal stripmine?
Now that we can warp, it doesn't really make sense to have our own mines.

exekewtable 4th October 2010 02:39 PM

exe.slidetop is the top of the waterslide

CrAzLe 4th October 2010 02:43 PM

i have my beach house :) i'm pretty proud of it :P warp name is crazle.beach :)

Obsi 4th October 2010 04:53 PM


Do we have a communal stripmine?
Now that we can warp, it doesn't really make sense to have our own mines.
My mine is pretty much empty now - I've tried to keep it as much just under my castle as possible, and in nice neat "rooms".... so I'll be looking for another mine shortly.

Perhaps if the "stone.mountain" warp point is a good nice big spot that could be a communal mine?

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