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Default Overwhelmed.

Any chance someone can put up a quick start guide for people who just joined the server and do not know what to do?

How to claim land on the map and other such things. Not basic Minecraft stuff, after doing single player I'm fairly confident there.

Also, how do I use the commands?

I typed in /help after spawning but nothing happened.
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A few quick points to help you. Some of these may not be available to you depending on your membership level.

Around the spawn point is the spawn village. Various paths have been laid out and you can start building there. The rule is your village abode can be no more than 10 x 10 wide, and only single storey. Digging down is possible but there are some massive chasms that have already been dug/exploded under the village. There is a newbie mine on the east edge of the village. You can get yourself starting gear from the Newbie Abode next to Spawn Point. There is also a community store in the western half of the village.

By default "t" takes you to talk mode and is also used for other commands, e.g. \help, \spawn.

To claim other land, we suggest you look at the maps that are posted on this forum (TOG Map Thread) and do a little exploring (but try to keep within the boundaries of the existing map). If you can find a place you like, that has few or no signs of prior claims (e.g. torches, blocks that are out of place), then start a thread in the forum telling us about your claim, including an image showing us where it is.

Hope that helps.


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Hiya Anticrhis! After a couple of days I'm overwhelmed too but I think thats the fun of this game, having no idea? Being an expert might not be so exciting for me.

cya online.
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Just start building random stuff until you settle on an idea for a project that grabs you.
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