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Post In-game Donations

Hi, I've been playing Minecraft for a few weeks, and I'm enjoying my time on the TOG Server. I just have a suggestion out there for those who are building massive things, (or destroying ).

Outside my place, the Opti-Mines, I've set up a little area for donations. I'm currently upgrading my sky-light, and I'm running out of torches quickly.

So I have three crates; one for torches; another one for coal; and a final one for sticks. I've put up signs to clearly state which crates are which resources.

I'm not sure whether other's have thought of this before me, but there's two reasons for this post. The first being just as and idea to those with huge projects. The second being that there's generally not that many people on when I'm online, and they are usually the same people, so I wouldn't get donations from many people.

And I HATE asking outright for things - no matter how polite. So not only is this a suggestion to others, I'm hoping this post turns into a thread where others let others no about donations they might want.

My details for the donation station are as follows:

Main Claim: The Opti-Mines (Warp: opti.mines)
Project Site: The Opti-Light (Warp: opti.light)
Donation Station: [No name decided] (Warp: opti.donations)

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The Opti-Light Project is complete, and I shan't be needing donations at the moment.

Thanks to those who did make donations.

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