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exekewtable 3rd November 2010 09:03 PM

Warps - A new policy
I have a plan for warps that I would like to enact unless anyone has any major objections. Principal reason is I think the map and our little world is enriched by having all warps displayed on the map by default. So we are going to switch the default to having all warps on the map. Here is the plan:

1) Please remove any warps you deem 'secret' or rename them to secret.warpname (where warpname can be anything valid). You have 48hrs or so to do this.
3) After this, we publish the list of warps as a text file like or something. This list excludes the secret warps, and solves the crappy /listwarps problem.
4) We disable /listwarps, to make the secret warps actually secret.
5) We publish the map with all the warps, except the secret ones.
The same rule can apply as before - if you want to add a description for a warp, post it in the warps thread.

Sound OK?

Non Action Man 3rd November 2010 09:37 PM

Sounds good to me, finally able to ha e proper secret warps would be good.


MMOGAddict 3rd November 2010 10:52 PM

2 Issues.

1. Playing Devils Advocate. The issue with secret warps is that they could be misued. There is nothing stopping anyone for example /tp to someone and then setting a secret warp to that location for use or misuse later (unfortunately misuse has happened in the past).

2. The ability to /tp to somebody makes secret warps redundant, the only way to have someplace secret is therefore to ALSO remove /tp.

Therefore if we do allow secret warps we should also remove /tp. Its the only way to actually really have anything secret.

If we value the ability to /tp and want to keep it, then we should not have secret warps.

If you think I'm paranoid, blame it on 6 years of EvE Online.

exekewtable 3rd November 2010 11:19 PM


Originally Posted by MMOGAddict (Post 2948240)
2 Issues.

If you think I'm paranoid, blame it on 6 years of EvE Online.

Yep you are paranoid :)
Remember this is not pub. There is a large level of trust between every one anyway, there simply has to be on a minecraft server. I don't think using /tp is going to be a major problem. The admins also know where the 'secret' warps are anyway.
We all still need to trust each other, and I am on the side of not having secret warps altogether. I was just trying to appease the secret warping society :) ssshhh.

MMOGAddict 4th November 2010 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by exekewtable (Post 2948262)
the secret warping society :) ssshhh.

Is there a special handshake?

MadMax 4th November 2010 09:23 AM

Is it possible with all the modding going on that a new command can be added, that lists the text file of warps, maybe a simple script or something, it's just a slight annoyance having to go elsewhere to find warp points, to look around, not that I have done a great deal of that. I spend most of my time as a cave dweller, and lately a waterboy.

I assume you would have to publish the warp list in the pub forum, unless you only want TOGgers to see the list. Can you also only allow people in the different groups access to the listwarps command? Eg only allow TOG group and above levels access to listwarps. Me personally, I don't care if people see my warp lists and come look around.

Please do not take tp away, it would reduce some fun. My daughter and I often tp to each other to see what each other is up to, and those moments of people's excitement when they say "OMGWTF look at this" you just have to tp and look!

p.s. I assume there is also a deletewarp or renamewarp type command? Delete and recreate?

Bazz 4th November 2010 09:57 AM

I'm happy with the mentioned changes - seems a good balance.
Like Max, my son and I use /tp all the time - I really wouldnt want to see it gone - really it would mean people would be making a ton of temp warps to serve the same purpose....and may forget to clean them up after.

+1 for exe's idea.

MMOGAddict 4th November 2010 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by MadMax (Post 2948558)
p.s. I assume there is also a deletewarp or renamewarp type command? Delete and recreate?

/removewarp warpname

Obsi 4th November 2010 10:46 AM


The issue with secret warps is that they could be misued.
It is really no different to how it is now. Someone could create a warp when they /tp to someone now.... I can't see how publishing warps on a map and making a "secret" one that doesn't, has any affect at all on people's ability to create warps when they /tp to someone. As it is now, the only way you'd know it was there is if it appeared in the /listwarps.... which it seems not all warps do anyway.

My vote would be to Have all warps listed on the map (except "secret" warps)... better if we could have a toggle for warps shown or not, so that those warp-haters can look at the uncluttered map and those warp-lovers can marvel at how many we have :D

and....I'm divided on the /listwarps issue...

if we can get the coding for /listwarps to ignore secret ones - then that would be good, so we can keep it, but the secret warp society can breathe easier........if we can't have secret warps ignored by /listwarps.....then I think I'd like to keep the command active anyway. I think it's useful to have in game so you don't need to open a browser.... and if people want to create secret warps to be secretive, then they have to deal with the fact some people might go there - just as they might go there now, since it is an open game... and really, the only reason I can see for wanting a secret warp is to warp to a secret stash of something..... which can be hidden in other ways.... but I do sort of see that it would be nice to be able to add a secret warp...

Mighty Brush 4th November 2010 11:21 AM

Horrible idea IMO.

I like to keep my projects hidden until they're done. I also have paths from projects I would like to make public to ones I keep secret so people have to "discover" them.

Now I have to go and rename all my warps, and they now just got longer to type :(

Why don\'t we do the reverse, make warps with "public." as visible by default?

Or can you make both "secret." and "mighty." hidden by default?

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