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Minecraft (Public) Build it and they will come

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Default Minecraft is now an Official TOG Division

Most of you would be aware of the fact, but figured I'd post here for those who aren't TOG members and wouldn't have seen the recent proceedings.

With the growth of Minecraft here within TOG in a fairly short period of time, and the necessity to formalise some aspects of operations both within the forums and on the server, a decision was taken to create an official TOG Minecraft Division.

Following an application process, I was selected by the TOG Administrators as the new Division Captain. I look forward to working with the great server Admin / Mod team we already have to make all of our gaming and forum time an enjoyable experience.

So, you might ask, what now then? Will anything change?

I've a number of items that are on my personal list of things to do / review. It's by no means complete or comprised of only my own ideas - some are pulled straight from forum posts or suggestions I've received over the last few days. In no particular order:

  • Publish a clear policy in regards to server access (close to being completed with the Admin Team)
  • Update and improve the welcome information stickies
  • Talk to Exe privately regarding the server running costs and consider establishing a server donation fund
  • Consider if we need to formalise having a Lead Server Admin
  • Learn enough linux to be able to do some basic stuff if needed
  • Appoint a Photographer / Tour Guide
  • Gather together information / submissions for the Division Homepage (not yet enabled)
  • Get a nice new signature partially / predominately Minecraft themed

I'm all ears for more suggestions. So post them here, start a thread or shoot me a pm.

My understanding is that presently the forum will remain here in the Public area, with the TOG Member Only sub-forum, and Admin sub-forum. Just remember that anything posted here in the public forum can be indexed by external search engines (such as Google) whereas the private sub-forums are not.
Cheers......Thermal Ions
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Once again I say congratulations Thermal. Excellent choice for Division Captain, if I do say so myself (and I did). As far as your sig is concerned...NAM is a dab hand , failing that the artists that frequent the Graphics Lounge (subbed in the Lab) would , I'm sure, be more than happy to whip one up.

It's great to see this division grow so quickly into a fully formed TOG division.
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