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Obsi 11th November 2010 01:03 AM

Map Claims
I figured I'd post a thread with everyone's current area claims, to help any newcomers find locations that aren't already snapped up...

Basically, if you want to claim an area, look to see if there are any warp points near it, and talk to anyone who has warp points close, to see how far they have decided they want to claim... also look through the claim threads (below), where people have put screen shots of their intended claims.

(we can probably figure a better way to do this, but for the time being, this is better than nothing)

Previous map marking claims

Thermal Ions 11th November 2010 01:16 AM

Thanks Obsi. Received a suggestion along this line via pm today would you believe. :)

DaedalusAlpha 11th November 2010 01:21 AM

I think the easiest and safest way is to put up claim warps like [name].claim. We have support for this and the claim will show up on the map as "Claimed by [name]".

This way it's easy to see where there are claims as they show up on the map. With the different claim threads it's really easy to miss one, especially if you don't read the forums that much, which is why Obsi posted this list. If everyone used the claim markers we wouldn't even need a list.

Obsi 11th November 2010 01:42 AM

well no, you still need to look at what people have claimed - other than just looking at the .claim markers

The claim marker will mark one block on the map - it won't show how big an area someone wants to claim. So the advantage of people posting a screen shot of the map with their land area circled, means you can see how big an area the person wants to claim - you can't tell that from the .claim marker alone. There should be more than enough land generated now for everyone to build far away from anyone else, but when claims start getting close, you need to know exactly where the reserved areas are, so you don't encroach.

Plus the .claim marker will only allow you one claim spot. The idea of the .claim marker is to mark out a point of undeveveloped land you want to stake a claim to.... and once you've built something there, you put a warp point to it. Several of us have more than 1 reserved/taken area on the map... so again, just looking at the .claim markers won't tell you all the spots on the map that are reserved by players.

DaedalusAlpha 11th November 2010 05:33 AM

Well the problems with a list of threads are many:

1) In any one thread there might be many claims, so if I want to make sure someone haven't claimed an area I have to read through a whole list of threads, and every post in that thread to make sure I don't miss anything.
2) I have to figure out where in the actual map the screenshot was taken, not trivial in many cases, and will be harder and harder as the map expands.
3) Someone have to update the list, scanning through the forums. When this someone gets tired of the game the list will stop updating.
4) As the list grows there will be more and more work going through it looking for possible conflicts with your area.
5) To claim something I have to take a screenshot, load it in an editor draw the area and upload it with some service. Not exactly as easy as writing /setwarp name.claim, especially if your graphical talents extends to MS Paint.

I think it's perfectly enough with just setting that one claim marker. People understand that it's not just the one block it points to that you want to claim, but a reasonable* area around it. Same with any marker really, if I find a marker with someones name, even if it isn't a claim marker I will avoid building there. So you can just move the claim marker to new spots after you have put a real warp on the old spot.

* The more cramped an area are of markers the smaller you expect each markers "influence" being. This is quite natural, at least to me. If it's right in the middle of the wilderness the claimed area would be quite big, a kilometer radius perhaps, but in the middle of the starter town, not larger than a few meters.

Obsi 11th November 2010 09:35 AM

well if you don't like the idea of it...don't use it then..... but others clearly do want a list/some sort of visual representation (since it has been discussed)....

I did say it's not the best way to do it, but it's a start (it's not even complete, since not everyone has posted their claims).....our map is really getting too big to be able to do any sort of overlay like we used to... unless it's in several different images... because you have to zoom in enough to see details.... which wouldn't be that much easier than clicking on all those links.... but it's here as reference for those people who want to claim an area near one of those posted and who would like to check a screenshot to see how much land is taken... those who don't like the idea - can go read another thread :P

DaedalusAlpha 11th November 2010 09:50 AM

Ok so if I don't want to use it, and don't plan on checking the claim threads, how am I to know what everyone have claimed so I don't step in on their territories? ;)

To avoid problems we need to have a system we can all agree on, and I think the current system isn't good enough, with support of my 5 point list.

Of course we don't have to take this so seriously. As long as people understand that misstakes can happen in an inprecise system in that case and be understanding if a new castle appears in their backyard.

Sorontar 11th November 2010 11:00 AM

I would recommend that anyone who wants to mark a claim does the following (which is sort of what has been said above)
  1. find a place
  2. /setwarp USERNAME.claim
  3. find that warp point on the next map (unless you already know where it is)
  4. Find the surrounding warp points and look at the extend of their construction.
  5. If anyone looks like they might be using an area that you want to use, send them a PM or email.
  6. If all is okay, take a screenshot of the map, marking the extent of your claim and any surrounding warp points/landmarks for reference.
  7. Start a thread about your claim, include the screenshot.
  8. Inform the upkeeper of this thread (presently Obsi) about your thread so she can add it to the list.
That way, it is up to you to check for conflicting claims but you also will have a map image showing your claim if someone wants to build within it. This thread can later be updated with images and descriptions of the construction you have done.

Reading other's claim threads is recommended, but identifying the warp points on the map is a simple start that tells you who to talk to. If there is a clash, you can always remove the claim warp and keep hunting.

Some people also use torches to help mark areas within their claim, even if they don't claim on building above ground there. Not everything is visible on the map and some of the claim may be for mining purposes.


Obsi 11th November 2010 11:03 AM


how am I to know what everyone have claimed so I don't step in on their territories?
.... well you've already said you only need to look at the claim/warp spots for reference, so that's fine, you do that... and anyone who wants to investigate further in an area can use these links to look at people's screen shots and see what area their claim takes up...

I'm not quite sure what the problem is here... but anyway... This list is in addition to the warp and claim markers on the map... to help further clarify people's borders to those who want clarification.....


To avoid problems we need to have a system we can all agree on,
We're never going to get that - with anything :D


I would recommend that anyone who wants to mark a claim does the following
Umm, yes, that's basically what I was saying.... but if you find a close neighbour (eg if #4 shows people near where you want your claim) - you can use these links to find their screen shots of their claimed area and see if your spot is within that...

red_one 11th November 2010 11:08 AM

Given that the minecraft map uses the Google Maps API, I suggest we use the "drawing" feature of said API for drawing claims on our map.

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