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Default update? 24/11/10

I crashed out tonight, then when i restarted, I downloaded a few packages. Now when i try to join the server i get refused saying an outdated client.

It doesn't sound right....


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Notch was planning an update today, and it will take a little while for our server's mods to be updated. So maybe you have a newer version of the game that is incompatable with our server's version. I'm on the TOG server at the moment
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SMP Health Update is out

Iím expecting bugs on this one, so Iím monitoring the usual channels (irc, twitter, email) extra carefully.
Basically everything I talked about in the last post is done, with some extras such as visible hurt animations (how did I forget that?) and visible fire on burning mobs.
The lighting still isnít right, I need to rewrite it. I think I know what the problem is now, though. Or rather, I know what ONE problem is. You know when youíre traveling by boat, and you see weird strips of light on the ocean floor in multiplayer? That.
Also needed is visible armor on players and mobs (sheep!), and some tweaks to reduce laggy moving mobs. And bows and arrows.
There are a couple of new settings for the server:
pvp. True by default. If this is set to false, players canít hurt other players.
spawn-monsters. True by default. Set to false to remove all monsters.
spawn-animals. Also true by default. Set to false to remove all animals.
Wow, that broke the game. Hold on while I try to fix stuff.
Iíve uploaded a new server and a new client, fixing the two major bugs I heard about.
I had to disable leaves decaying again (sorry!) because it caused infinite loops in certain situations.
Keep me posted, and Iíll keep fixing!
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Okay, Notch has released the update, but (surprise surprise) it is buggy due to under testing. As was pointed out, we also have a number of mods that need to be updated. Until then, I am afraid that you won't have access to the TOG MC world. We will inform you when services return to normal.

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