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Hey guys and girls

I'm looking for some help.
My 5 year old had decided she likes the look of this minecraft so i'm glad to introduce her. I'm looking to be able to do a few things for my own sanity.
In the last 2 days i cant think how many time ive heard "DADDY, HELP ME, I CANT FIND MY HOUSE" or "DADDY, ITS DARK, I'M SCARED'

Is there any way i can set like a spawn on a single player game and change day only mode???

Thanks guys
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To find your daughter's house, you could use either a mapper, to make an overhead picture of the world, or a map viewer.

If you wish to change your spawnpoint, then I know of two ways.
1. Using MCEdit, you can move your "spawnblock" to the desired position. It can be a bit annoying to get used to the controls for the program though.
2. Using MineEdit, you can copy and paste your current co-ordinates (viewable from program) into the spawnpoint co-ordinates.

I have tried the latter, and it seemed to work, but I ended up spawning 1 block too low. So my body was in the ground, while my head was above the ground. However, no damage is taken from this, and jumping will uproot yourself.

Change back to daytime? It can get a bit annoying, but a program called TimeChanger will do it. However, I beleive it shan't make the world permanently day. Everytime it goes night, you have to exit to the menu, go to the program, and change the time again.

Note: I haven't tried this out, so it may not work.

I recomend backing up the world first though, just to be on the safe side, if something does go haywire!

Glad to be of any help!

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The main mod most people use is hMod from hey0. Many mods actually rely on this one. This targets the multiplayer server but may work in single player. It has various helpful tools like /time to reset the time of day and allows /setspawn to set the spawn to where-ever you want. /sethome is another good one. If you are running a server, you can also do thinks like turn off animals, damage, monsters etc.
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Thanks heaps guys.
I actually googled hey0 mod for single player and found a mod that a guy has put together that is like a basic hmod for single player.

I tried it out and it works a treat

[MOD] Single Player Commands [1.2.6|V1.2] - Minecraft Forums


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Glad to hear your sanity is no longer at risk.
Cheers......Thermal Ions
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