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Default Theme nights/weekends....

We discussed having theme nights before.... where we put up a new world one night, once a month or so... that has a specific theme.... (though I'm wondering if it being up for a weekend would be better than a single night - to give people more time to play, given timezones and outside commitments)

I'd love to see a Star Wars world....

Think about it.... Hoth... Tatooine..... Endor...... AT-ATs.... the Death Star.....

I seem to recall another suggestion being Middle Earth...

(we could set the borders to keep the theme worlds contained so they don't get so big... and they wouldn't need to be big, since it's all in a similar theme, I imagine we'd want to be building fairly close together so it's more a showcase of stuff, than people going off building their own stuff.)
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..psst.... check these

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Its like porn for nerds
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