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Default Offical MineCraft needs these mods!!

[MOD] Mo' Creatures - v2.2 with Werewolves! MC Beta 1.1_02 - Minecraft Forums




And ridable horses!!

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HORSEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Do they make appropriate noises though? I'd hate a lion to bleet

...and do they override the original mobs/animals? Do you get feathers from bunnies and white wool from brown bears? Horse steaks anyone?

-- edited to add --

Looked at the vids - we ****MUST HAVE**** the werewolves and birds, they rock!!

-- edited again to add --


unicorns..... several TAMEABLE horses, including UNICORNS! (yes, I'm such a girl!).... although the nightmare setting things on fire might not be a good idea.....

please can we have them.... please????....please???

(but not the ogres....)

--- edit 165 (I should read the *whole* thread before talking) ---

Q.: Does this work for SMP?
A.: Sorry, it only works for single player

Q.: when is it going to work for SMP???
A.: Not in the near future....

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if only they worked in SMP... single player only. Need to ask Notch. I agree we should have more mobs, but need SMP support
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Originally Posted by Obsi View Post
(but not the ogres....)
Are you saying you want me off the server
Late at night, not a creature was stirring, not even the mouse, who a little earlier found the Rat Trap across the neck made his head fall off.

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hahaha, I didn't know you were like 10ft tall and ran about bashing stuff into oblivion...

By the way.... I installed the mod.... it's very cool! I don't so much like the bears (but I guess nothing much you can do skin wise for a bear), and the new pigs I don't like the look of at all....but the rabbits hopping around is very sweet... the birds add a nice element too (they tweet, with different calls for the different birds)... the bears, lions and horses all make their own appropriate sounds, and all the regulars are unchanged.... so you get a nice mixture of new and old animals around.....

I also discovered you can set "peaceful" mode on single player, so you get no mobs (and health regenerates), which is nice, I didn't know about that.... I'm currently building a stable for my black horse... with space for future horses once I make enough wheat to feed them.... the black and brown seem quite plentiful.... (I made a new world and it's full of iron and clay.... I got 15 stacks of 64 clay on just one day's worth of walking along the beach! - so I'm planning a red brick stable!)

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I've added this mod pack

[MOD COMPILATION] Minecraft Community Pack v1.4 [BETA v1.1]


- Battle Tower Mod
- Mo's Creatures (with Werewolves)
- Quintessential Creatures (Tortoise)
- Ore-sparing TNT
- Humans+ Mod
- Biome Terrain Mod + minor tweaks (i.e trees, larger biomes)
- Chisel
- Spawner GUI
- Zan's Minimap
- 303's Arrows
- Death Chest
- Non-updating MC launcher
- More Worlds
- Shockah's Minerals
- More Stackables
- Spider Families
- Better Light + Grass
- Quandary Texture Pack
- Single Player Commands
(Future) Support for Wild Grass (asap)
(Future) Support for BiomeTerrainMod, eventually, plus custom settings to provide larger biomes and other small
gameplay balances.

Small description of each mod:
Battle Towers - adds giant stone towers full of treasure and mobs, with a boss at the top. They're very rare and very tough, but the other mods add items to make this a bit fairer. Blow em up with TNT Arrows!
Mo's Creatures - Adds many more wild animals, mobs, and horses as mounts to the game. You can ride/tame them, and if you find a Pegasus, you can fly with it!
Quintessential Creatures - Adds a tortoise to the game.
Ore-sparing TNT - Makes TNT have a better use, as a fast-mining material. This mod spares any valuable ores that would be otherwise destroyed by the explosive.
Humans+ Mod - Adds lots of different human mobs to the game, who fight amongst each other. Some are friends, some are enemies. Herobrine might also make an 'appearance' if you're very unlucky.
Biome Terrain Mod - makes the environment more interesting.
Zan's Minimap - Adds a little map to the corner of the screen.
Spawner GUI - Find a mob spawner, and you can pick it up, place it wherever you want, and pick which mob you want to appear!
303's Arrows - adds many different types of arrows to craft in the game, like fire, ice, TNT, and so on. Widens your options for weaponry.
More Worlds - Adds 5 more save slots for the Minecraft addict.
Shockah's materials - Adds new ore types and many other materials to the game, which have unique properties.
More Stackables - this is exactly what it sounds like - allows you to stack more items. For example, you can stack 8 doors on one slot, and food too (though it's unusable whilst stacked).
Spider Families - Spiders sometimes have babies. Attack the baby, the mother gets VERY angry.
Better Light + Grass - makes the game 3x as beautiful.
Quandary Texture Pack - see above.
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Old 10th January 2011, 08:42 AM   #7 (permalink)
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The Humans + mod is great...it adds human NPCs to the game in various factions (knight, ranger , bandit etc.) who fight amongst themselves and against mobs...

Quintessential Mob pack is wierd...it adds a Giant Sea Turtle that will follow you if you feed it flowers (you can put a crate on it's back)

Haven't done a battle tower run yet but have seen one in the distance...basically a Tower full of mobs and chests with a Boss on the top floor
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wow - some good stuff there Mixa.
Anychance this will work on smp?
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nah I don't think these mods are gonna work on SMP in a hurry, unless official minecraft API can cater for them.
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Are there any mods for the classic version of multiplayer?

I occasionally run a small server for a friend who doesn't have the beta, and would like to try a mod to jazz it up a little.
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