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Default Bukkit Commands for players

These are commands presently available to players in the TOG Minecraft servers. Note that some commands are not available in the Creative server and some are not available in the Survival server. Details of these restrictions are given after the initial descriptions.

  • /help: A basic list of what commands are available to players
  • /who: Lists players online.
  • /spawn: Teleport to spawn
  • /tp: Shows teleport help.
  • /tp|teleport PLAYER: Teleport to the location of PLAYER.
  • /warp: Shows warp help
  • /warp WARPPOINT: Warp to a defined warppoint
  • /setwarp WARPPOINT: Define WARPPOINT as your present location
  • /removewarp WARPPOINT: Remove WARPPOINT
  • /listwarps: List 8 present warppoints
  • /listwarps TERM: List 8 present warppoints that match TERM
  • /pvp on|off: Select whether you can battle other players
  • /me: Emote your messages
  • /home help: Shows home help.
  • /home: Teleport to your home
  • /home set: Sets your home to your current location
  • /home delete: Deletes your home
  • /home public: Allows anyone to teleport to your home position
  • /home private: Restricts the players allowed to teleport to your home position
  • /home invite PLAYER: Add PLAYER to the list of players allowed to teleport to your private home.
  • /home uninvite PLAYER: Remove PLAYER from the list of players allowed to teleport to your private home.
  • /home PLAYER: Teleport to the home of PLAYER, if they allow you to.
  • /home list: Display a list of players who allow you to teleport to their home
  • /home ilist: Display a list of players whom you allow to teleport your home.

Commands not used in the Creative Server:
  • /pvp
Commands not used in the Survival Server:
  • /warp, /setwarp, /removewarp, /listwarps

By default, all homes are set to private. Only admins and moderators will have access to them. A player's compass will point to their home if one is set.

By default, all players login with /pvp set to 'off'. Only players with /pvp set to 'on' can injure each other. A player's /pvp setting does not affect whether monsters can injure them. If a player logs out, the /pvp status resets to 'off'.

Of course, administrators and moderators have many more commands up their sleeves.

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