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Default Connection errors

Anyone else getting this error???


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Well, I believe that those errors are just when the server has trouble confirming that you are who the client says you are, by accessing minecraft.net's records. The blame normally is with minecraft.net playing up.
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I'm currently unable to connect. I don't get that error message though, I think I can't access the TOG server itself, is it down?

Edit: Never mind, I got in eventually but I had to wait a while.
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Minecraft authentication server is playing up again - lots of 503 errors.
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arrggh.....hiding in my SP mine, poking my head up every few days to check if the minecraft.net sun is up.
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Yeah, eventually got on late last night, but then had trouble for a few minutes getting back in again after accidentally disconnecting. Problem was with minecraft.net authentication server. Haven't tried jumping in yet tonight.
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seriously thinking of offering my services to notch, in making servers work OK :P
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Im currently getting time out errors on the SMP server... first time was pretty strange, it connected and loaded one chunk and I could move around, but after 5 mins it kicked me out - LOL!
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SMP server seems to be lagging out

I connected and fell more than -800 before my chunk loaded. Then it worked for a while and then placing/removing blocks stopped working then everyone on the server was kicked and couldn't reconnect

Either some of the Bukkit mods are conflicting to cause the lag or someone has built something that's lagging the server (Minecart-collisions? Redstone?)

EDIT: With a bit of experimentation, it looks like three players seems to kill it. Two people can be in with a lot of lag but the third person causes everyone to be kicked

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