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Default Arena shenanigans

OK... well... since Bazz seems to think I'm the new entertainment coordinator :P and after Thermal, Sorontar and I were discussing it the other day, I figured I'd put this out there...

So... I propose we start up some fun games the TOGosseum.... Perhaps we could award prizes - like some diamonds or other goodies for the winners....

  • "Spleef" - Spleef - Minecraft Wiki - basically we'd want to create a floor of wool/snow blocks about halfway up the TOGosseum .... perhaps flood the floor with lava..... the idea is that everyone runs about knocking out the blocks and the aim is that the last person still standing is the winner. PvP could be on or off to make it more of a challenge. Being able to climb back up and resume could be allowed or disallowed
    • A variation on that could be to make use of coloured wool and make a checkerboard pattern of 4x4 black/white (or any coloured) wools, and make it it turn based so that in a player's turn, they knock out one of the 4x4 patches. Perhaps in 2 teams.
    • Another variation could be to assign each player a different colour, and have the board made up of random multicoloured blocks, so each player can only knock out their own colour blocks during play
    • "Reverse spleef" - where the playing field is lower to the ground, and there is one player under the field who runs about knocking out the blocks, while the players ontop try to avoid falling... those who do fall then also knock blocks out. I would think a combination of glass and wool/snow flooring (patches of glass) would make for interesting play as you'd be able to see people above/below through the glass.
  • Mob Battles - Modmins spawn a couple of mob cages on the playing field... players fight it out and the last one standing is the winner.
  • Labyrinth - a maze built, with treasure in the centre - pvp on and a battle to see who can get to the centre to claim the goodies first (with just swords, so no building your way out)
  • Flooding the arena and having boat races.... since I'm told we can't shoot people while in boats that's a bit of a shame, but perhaps we could have some sort of boating thing.... Bazz suggested giving players the materials to make a boat and they have to make it and sail it to an island in the centre - perhaps there have a snowball fight?
More suggestions??

I would propose that for all of these, players take in no armour or possessions, and are given the things they need (a couple of swords, bows/arrows etc.) upon entering, so that everyone has the same.
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You chould have some sort of obstacle course maybe?
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Youtube had some cool arena PVP videos
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Sounds awesome!

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Originally Posted by DaedalusAlpha View Post
You chould have some sort of obstacle course maybe?
I have seen cool videos with battle arenas like the TOGasseum. They used bridges, archery, water, lava all as part of the one environment. Structures were being destroyed whilst players were on them. There are many other options, like sand positioned to easily collapse, slow sand from the Nether, wood on fire....

But first we need to get some practise at some basic scenarios. An open field first then and a field with a couple of small walls to hide behind. And sword or fist only, no archery or armour. Perhaps everyone starts with nothing but have various chests around the field with the selected weapon in them. So you have to race to get a weapon as well. Perhaps for future challenges the organisers can put arrows in chests so combatants can restock during the battle.

Ultimately, the scenario is up to whoever is organising the challenge. All they need to do is make sure that at the end, everything is returned to its original state.
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I am 100% for this!
Let me know when and I'll be there with bells on...
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