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Default Minecraft Cost

Hey guys, how much is Minecraft in USD, there doesnt seem to be a conversion on the site so I need to know how much.
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Around $20ish

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As a guide, use a currency convertor:

XE - Universal Currency Converter

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eww...22 dollors for a game in its Beta......is it worth 22 dollors? I mean I like the idea and all, but tossing out a 20 on a game like that seems a bit steep, I could buy a full featured title for 20.

to get or not to get.....grrr...choices...~___~
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Its more than some indie game and less than others. For the cost its is enjoyable for me. Though it is a sandbox game and different people have different views on those. Best I can say is do another look at some of the minecraft videos and reviews out there to see if its right for you.

For the cost its been good for me. It is still in beta and buying it now does make it cost less than retail. They announced the full retail date as being 11/11/11. Its supported and updated fairly often currently.
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In my opinion its well worth the $22. I even bought 4 copies and play with the entire family. Yea the graphics aren't exactly state of the art, but after you play it a little while that doesn't seem to matter. If you like sandbox games, this is for you.
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Just play the free version singleplayer and after a few sleepless nights you'll soon make up your mind!
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After watching Misnik play and friend after friend falling to it, I decided to buy it and I think it's worth the $21-$22 american for it. I'd try out the single player and give it a shot before buying, but if you like to build and dig and play with virtual blocks, this game is a lot of fun.
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If you are the sort of player that doesn't need a game to run them around on rails and the sandbox aspect appeals then the graphic style and the fact that it's in beta doesn't really factor into it. I've met very few who wouldn't say they've gotten their money's worth.

Do as some have suggested and try out the Minecraft Classic game (links under the Buy Now and beta links). You can even do so in your browser without having to install anything. It's a shadow of what's in the game now, but will give you a little taste.
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I tried classic mode, and its kinda boring, there is no rewards for doing anything, outside the fact that it "looks nice" I love sandbox building games, IE : Second Life, I build Starships in there and stuff like that, but like, I played FortressCraft the Minecraft "clone" on the 360, and for some reason, the blocks on there actually feel like its Im able to build cool looking things with them, I go on Minecraft Classic, and the blocks are all....meh....I mean there isnt even a classic Stone Castle Wall Block. The Survival mode of Minecraft intersts me, but I dont think I will want to survive in a world where most the blocks look the same.

Maybe if they up the graphics to at least fortress craft value, i would like it, and dont get me wrong, I know graphics arnt everything, but what I say doesnt scream "inspirational creativity" to me.

I would love to get into it, but after playing classic mode, I will pass untill they do something that allows me to make something look a bit better then what they have.
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