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Default PvP?

I play on a The Battlecraft server is anyone wants to join me. It's an SMP PvP server, so you have to watch your back! Would be fun if I could get others to join me and do some raiding on other clan bases. I started building a base (using protection blocks, it can't be destroyed). Has a wheat farm, a tree farm, a combo lock on the door, and a vault, but it's pretty big for just one person.

If you're interested, leave a response, drop me a PM, or find me on the server (game name is MadmanMSU)

Server: pvp.thebattlecraft.net
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Thanks for telling us MadmanMSU. Our Survival server has a PvP option that players can activate personally. However, we are nice to each other's constructions.

That said, the big area that Exe (with helpers) walled in was intended as a battleground. I still have plans for running some treasure hunt challenges there. I believe Exe that you liked the idea of anything being built in there being fair game for others to destroy (other than the buildings on the wall and the wall itself).

For those who don't know which section I am meaning, go due west of the Spawn Fortress deep into the snow. The main building is surrounded by cacti in the middle of the snow (haven't quite worked out how to give links to specific coords on Thermal's Google maps yet).

ps. For those who like to run combat challenges on their own servers, there are a few mods out there that do "Capture the Intelligence or Flag" runs (e.g. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mec...f-670-740.250/). Some other ones use the monetary mods to give rewards for killing players (e.g. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mis...list-740.3362/)

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Have been really busy but might check it out sometime, thanks Madman.
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Minecraft isn't ready for true clan fighting pvp, the net code truly sucks beyond recognition.

It must if I can win the TOG PVP battle at the TOGoseum.

Do they only kill people and take resources in chests, or do they set fire to stuff, or start breaking structures?

What happens?

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