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Default SMP Claim question

Howdy folks, after a (longish) leave of absence due to a number of annoying RL circumstances I have decided it is high time I returned to the Minecraft world and stave off my withdrawal symptoms once more.

I've decided to jump onto the survival server this time and continue my creative efforts on the side. So to that end, after looking over the map I would like to check what the story is with the island I have outlined below. I'm keen to stake a claim to it if it is available but I notice a line of torch posts which I presume are markers for a road but thought I best check before carving up the landscape.

So if anyone has plans for the area please let me know so I can have another look at the mp

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The little construction just to the west of the circled area (where the torches terminate) may shed some light on who was in the area. I've the vague recollection there was an underground area there when I visited one time, but may be mistaken - it's been a while.
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No signs or players on the map in that area doesn't help...looks like I'll have to take a trip out to that spot and see whats there. Hopefully it's just a beacon system for someone to find their way home in which case it shouldn't be an issue
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