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Hey all,

I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything about the travel system in the game. I only realized recently that I could /spawn to the TOG spawn point and it makes me worry I am missing other things.

I know I can /home to go back to my bed. I also know I can /tp Player.

Is there any other forms of teleporting? My mine is quite a ways form my home. I built a sky bridge to it, but is there any other way to get back and forth from there? If not, its not a big deal, I don't mind the trip. I will be starting a large project near my mind after my home is finished.

I also expect to learn and build powered rail in the future. I expect this will come into play for my travels.
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Thats pretty much all of it.

The only other form is you can allow people to /home to your home so its possible to use their spot as a jump off point if they allow you.
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When in-game, try /help. It will list lots of the commands that are available to standard players or how to get to specialised help lists, e.g. /home help.

We had much debate when setting up the Survival server and DC Thermal Ions eventually decided that /warps can't be used there. However they are allowed to be used on the Creative server. The cooldowns/warmups for the /home is a recent change.

Basically, on the Survival server, you have to walk around a bit more than the Creative server. If you get into trouble, e.g. lava, monsters or collapsing sand, you have to get yourself out of trouble or die. Likewise, it is then harder to recover lost items from your deathsite. You have to adjust your gameplay so that you can better handle the risks involved, e.g. take friends when exploring!


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On the creative server we have /warp points, so you can set as many warp spots as you like, but on survival we have only those mentioned.

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Thanks for the info all. Sorontar, I really like the survival server settings. I get freaked out when playing, as there is a death risk and no easy escape sometimes. This is good and I like a bit of a challenge.
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