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Default Extended and clarified land claim

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Hello all, I wanted to clarify and update my land claim on the survival server. I had posted before to claim the red boxed land for my home base. This remains my home base and I am building there.

After getting there and digging down to mine, I realized that the ground below here is already mined pretty well. I found myself digging into existing mines often.

Due to this, I set out to mine in the undiscovered area of the map (You can see my mine opening on my pic below. I dug down and south from this opening. I have started a strip mining operation here.

For temporary use, I created a 2x1 sky bridge to travel safely at night on. I want to run powered rail from my home base to my mine (see the pink line for approx placement) This rail will run at approx. the 12 to 16 level range. As soon as I finish this rail, I will remove the 2x1 sky bridge as I think it is visually unappealing.

I realize that the distance between my home base and my mine is quite far. I really like my home base where it is, and I like the idea of setting up a powered transportation system from home to my mine.

Are there any obvious problems with this plan? Am I taking up too much land? I expect that I may start some projects out closer to the mine after I get my home base completed (a ton of work to do there).


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I'd recommend putting a building or something on the surface above your mine (with lights on the roof ) so when folks look at the map they can easily identify where you are and that there's already something going on there - as it won't be long before this thread is buried. At the moment there's a road, thats cool - just make sure there's something visible at its termination.
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Thanks Roennik, I did just that! I built a 2 story rock building with lights and even placed a sign on it that reads "dday_0612's mine and cavern".

I will remove the road at one point, but will leave the building up top, even though I will not access the mine through the building after I get my rail in.

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