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Default Server experts?

Hey guys,

I started a little in network server for my kids to play together on. I used the start up instructions on the wiki and everything is working great.

I didn't realize that the /sethome and /home commands are a mod.

Can I get some instructions on how to get these commands to work for my kids server? When I googled it, it got complicated and I got lost

On the same note, I wonder if there are mods out there that will help them. They play with no monsters, which I have programed, but I am thinking that they might be interested in playing with no night.

Any help is greatly appreciated. My kids will be very happy
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Sleeping in a bed will set a defacto home to the bed. You can't jump to it, but if you die you will spawn there.

Sleeping in beds will also skip the night, if everyone online is sleeping in a bed at the same time. So tell your kids to build beds and you can more or less get away without mods
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At TOG we use the General bukkit mod for /spawn ([GEN] General 2.2.8 (Chernobyl) -- A plugin for general commands [740] | Bukkit Forums) and MyHome for /home ([TP] MyHome v1.9.5 [740, 766] | Bukkit Forums). They both need you to run craftbukkit.jar as the server jarfile instead of minecraft_server.jar. Bukkit has various recommended builds for craftbukkit.jar and bukkit.jar. It also has a multitude of mods. See Bukkit Forums for more details.

Just ask if you need more help.


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Thanks guys, I ended up finding Bukkit and things are working. I will take a look at those links you provided Sorontar.

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