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Default SUGGESTION: Image competition

I'd like to suggest having a competition or even just an image thread devoted to different categories of images taken. Must have been taken on the TOG servers.

The images later could be used to make up a TOG minecraft slideshow/video.

(You could go one further I guess and have a video competition around themes, but not sure we have enough people confident enough to produce movies.)

Suggested categories:

Funniest moment
Best disaster
Best airship disaster pic (this needs a category of its own lol)
Most unusual/interesting landscape
Best lava image
Best water image
Best fire image
best cave image
Best sunset/sunrise image
Most mobs on one screen image
Impending death pic
Best pic capturing a TOG creation
Best "what the ..." pic
Best cart track pic
Most TOGgers in one pic/or best group photo
Best spawn village pic

As suggested doesn't need to be a comp, just a thread for each category would be sufficient, so the admins can contribute too. If a comp we could vote by poll.

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nice idea.
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Screenshots? Ok, I got those!!!

Taunting a creeper feels so good, especially with a defense like this. I did start feeling kinda sad for the creeper, as after I took the screenshot, it looked up, and with its already sad face, it just sat there looking.....it almost broke my heart and wanted to run down the ladder to give it a hug....and then I remembered what the last creeper did when it sneaked up on...so I flipped it off and went back in my house.
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I'd like this to be a competition, but I would prefer it if it was just a picture of Minecraft, not just from either TOG server, and if we didn't need to name what category the picture would be in.

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Here's a suggestion for the first one then. Take a picture that fits the old classic caption:

All your base are belong to us.
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