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Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
[1] In case you haven't worked out, people may end up going through any portal and end up exiting your real world [3] portal. Therefore, I advise against trying to hide your portal in secret places.
Also, portal icons will show on the map renders, so while the portal itself will not visually be seen on the map surface, people will know it's there underground.

Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
...However, the (Nether) 0,0 portal will still lead back to the 0,0 portal in the real world (which is sort of fortified [5]).

[5] Thank you to whoever did that.
Thank Obsi for suggesting it initially, followed by a return trip from the Nether that left me face to face with a Zombie. Motivated me to go grab some wood and glass. As it doesn't have to deal with Ghasts, it should be secure enough so long as people look through the windows before exiting in case there's a creeper right outside.

Also, please remember to close the door behind you. I considered putting pressure pads down but felt given the small area I'd walled off that there was a risk of walking on them accidentally coming out of the portal. Anyone can feel free to expand it a bit further along the path if they would prefer to lay down some pressure pads inside the doors.

On map renders, I was going to render one tonight and put it up (based on last night's backup), but will wait until the morning in order to capture the work people have done today with their portals.
Cheers......Thermal Ions
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The Eastern Portal Tower in the nether was designed to be public. As all the portals out here will connect to it. I made a simple exit to the surface last night on the normal world side to a simple building for now.

I see someone already came through and put a simple structure in the to middle of one of the nether roads around the trees.

The main building is public and can be used by anyone connecting to it. I've put in donation chest and a lower locker room for people to store stuff safely while exploring the nether.

Feel free to use the facilities.

I claimed the second floor and have a short skywalk to a small floating island above the lava. May build something on it in the future will have to see if a better location shows up

I intent to keep building up as time/ghasts/stone allow. Into a real tower, would like to reach the roof I think.
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well my two portals (yes I built a second one farther from my first this time) links to a new nether world portal that I have built a fort around, have no idea where it is in relation to nether spawn.

so anyon who finds their way there is more than welcomed to seek refuge there and harvest whatever.
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