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Originally Posted by Sp!at View Post
I think the reason images lose their transparency when bringing them into the forum as sig files or avatars is that the image itself isn't simply uploaded. It is uploaded then re-worked in ImageMagick and saved from there. Images referenced within posts are not re-worked. Best bet is to just place the background colour in the file (#eef0f1).
One could almost think that you know something about this
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Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
ps. Han shot first
Lol - would you believe that I looked at a work mates pc yesterday (having issues with resolution) noticed she had the default desktop background....and replaced it with a silhouette of han solo with the legend "Han Shot First"!

What a hilariously geeky coincidence!
(she has NFI, but can't change it - yes - yes I am cruel)

Waaaaaaaay off topic - scuse me.

Glass walls? I like em' !

(heh heh heh....smooth save there Bazz!)

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Speaking of glass walls or glass in general..... uhm.. I thought that once broken glass stayed broken you could not use them. I thought, unless my brain is reading stuff that isn't there again, that I saw that someone said that you could reuse the glass from the glass walls. If I am mistaken okay no problem.. I am sure that will happen a lot. LOL my hamster fell off his wheel long ago... LOL :> It was replaced with a spider.

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LOL Bazz

Deb - I think the reference to reusing the glass walls was meant to be that as the borders have now moved passed where the walls are, you could use any glass walls in the world as a wall of your building... Because no, you can't break them and keep them.

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There's a trick to the image.

Choose the same "white" as the forum.

We need you, Citizen!
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Yeah, I didn't think you could keep them. As I have never had any luck with keeping them... and even though it has been about 3 months since I had last played, I didn't think THAT had changed. But still you never know with Minecraft. LOL BTW... have you guys seen this post yet... Mermaids in Minecraft and items to go with them.... just curious... If you don't like the idea no harm done. LOL
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There are many client-based mods that add things like faries, horses, animals, monsters as new mobs. However, no server mods can do this since the server doesn't control what the mobs would look like at the client end. Server mobs can only work with the existing mobs, by making them fly, catch on fire, be rideable etc etc.


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