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Default Submitting my land claim

Hi, I may have done things just a bit backwards... I planned to just check out where I wanted to establish a home/base and then do all this. (Only reason I am doing this now on weekend is cause I was trying to register for Fall classes online but the site is not working due to probably lightening strikes. But never mind that.)

I had help getting to where I wanted to stake my claim, and we ran into NIGHT and the creatures that inhabit it. And to protect us we built, since it was not inhabited by anyone else.

Map 1:

Map 2:

Map 3:

I hope this is okay. Please let me know if I have gotten someone else's claim. Thanks. That is the last thing I want to do. I will move to another spot if that is the case. Just allow me to move all my items that I have and that were given to me. Than you.


Uhmmmmmm..........was I not supposed to do a land claim on survival? Somehow I thought both were supposed to have one done.

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It's a bit more informal in the survival server, but it never hurts to check if its unclaimed.

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Cool... Hopefully it isn't... I am gonna keep hoping that no one had it. LOL
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looks unclaimed enjoy,
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Cool thanks... if you happen to pop over there, you will see that I started a base there... sort of had to due to creepers and zombies and skeleton archers so we built... after sort of seeing that nothing was around. We looked a bit more after day had come again, so continued the building.

When does the server update with info of who is online and who is where... just curious. I now know where my son and Wolfinlied and Daolpu is now on the map. But apparently I didn't show up. LOL. No worries..

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