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Default Server Rental

My sons want to rent a minecraft server and I know nothing about server rental. Can somebody provide me with some advice on what the best local options are please.
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Also interested, when I looked around I really couldn't find anything in AUS.

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First of all there seem to be a few different options. From what I've read, the ideal is a dedicated server followed closely by a virtual private server. You can pick up VPS hosting relatively cheaply from around $15 per month for 256Meg - but the die-hards recommend 1.5Gig for good performance.

There are supposed to be some companies that handle the server and software for you. They basically have a collection of mods and things and update as soon as the upgrades are available. They have a fairly standard collection of mods you can choose from.

Maybe these could be starting points:

CLOUDCUBE.com.au - Australian Hosting for Game-Servers and Voice-Servers

Minecraft Details - Game Server Host


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Thanks for that. Does the server memory limit game play or just the number of players? I know when we set up our own server we kept getting out of RAM errors and this is why we are looking to rent a server.

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Hi Rawprawn,

I'm a tech at CLOUDCUBE.com.au - its pretty straight forward when renting a server you pay your monthly bill with PayPal and your server is active so monthly based billing.

Once you've signed up and paid your first month you're giving GamePanel access with an account and password to manage your server.

If you have any further questions dont hestitate to ask us any questions - sales@cloudcube.com.au

Kind Regards,
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Gday Jamie,

What is this Game Panel?

Do the techies install all mods and mod updates in such a way as to allow customers to simply select them via this panel and say add or update this?

Or do we have to get down and dirty at a command line and install mods? (Not a problem for me but can't be bothered with it.)

What mods are available?

What are the uptime percentages? Backup schedules, rollback abilities? White lists, and management of?

Sorry too many questions and is the main reason I hadn't tried renting a server for my daughter and her friends.

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Hi MadMax,

It's TCAdmin v1 GamePanel.

we make sure the base Game Files are upto date like Bukkit and Minecraft Server files.. just your basic things for the service to actually work as advertised.

Installing Mods is quite easy you can use a GamePanel filemanager or connect with FTP, i'd suggest you google "minecraft bukkit" and read how to use it - it's a simple process that involves no nitty gritty command line stuff at all - it's all GUI based

Of course if you have problems and don't understand we can walk you though it or name the mod you want and we'll arrange to have it applied to your server as quick as we can.

We host our Minecraft servers at Servers Australia - you can test the latency and routing by either doing a ping or traceroute to sau.cloudcube.com.au

We don't actually have Uptime Percantages and Backups haven't been applied yet but it's all in the cards for the near future. - it's quite easy to back your own files up by just zipping the contents and pulling them back down to your home computer over FTP - we also run RAID for redundancy.

You can edit your Whist-List.txt / Ops.txt in the GamePanel

Questions need answers, that's why we're here to help.

Kind Regards,
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NB: minecraft is horrid for both RAM usage and data usage.
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So what does the memroy mean in real terms. What affect does only having the beginer package have? Less people on the server or does it limit what you can do/ build?
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It just RAM limits (Face it its Minecraft and Java it loves RAM)

the 384mb plan can comfortably hold 2-3 players and there is no map and/or building limitations.
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