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Default A welcome from your new DC

Hi folks,

It seems that my hat has changed to that of a DC. Thank you to everyone who was silly enough to say nice words about me to the TOG Modmins. Thank you also to Thermal Ions for all the work he has done as DC. He has set up a Division that I am proud to manage, knowing that all the rules and processes he put in place work. May you wear the Retired Captain cap with pride.

While I hope to continue in his footsteps, I do anticipate some changes in the next six months. The Division will work as it presently does with rules of who can be on the whitelist. However, I foresee there will be changes in how we play the game. Some of those are small side-effects of having to change mods, e.g. new commands. Other changes will occur due to having to accommodate the 1.8 updates, the passage of time and the simple fact that the present players include many who weren't in the Division when Thermal and the Div admins set things up originally. Don't worry, I won't thrust these changes on you. I intend in the next week or so to design a survey of sorts, so I can get an idea of what you think of a number of proposals.

One thing I definitely want to keep doing is events and projects. The three events ran earlier this year (the pvp in the TOGasseum and the treasure hunts) went down pretty well, even if they didn't have many participants. I would like to do more stuff like that and also bring in the creative element. I already have been planning the first one. Keep watching the forum!

The key thing to the Division working though is not what I do - it is what the players do. I am always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you want to start a community project or run an event, tell me about it. For things like that we can arrange things to try and make any design and preparation easier. I can't run the Division alone. I do already have a wonderful set of Mods and Admins but there are some roles that in the long run I will need to delegate. Stay tuned for that too!

But first things first, I need to finish testing the updates to 1.7

Keep on mining!


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Congratulations on becoming DC, well deserved.

I look forward to hearing about your plans for the future.

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Woot 1.7, also new DC.

Keep up the good works.

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Well done Sorontar. Perfect guy for the job! Thanks go to Thermal for his hard work, and I am excited about some of the ideas Sorontar can bring.
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Thanks for stepping up mate.

Sor's right though, TOG's a community and the more players step up and join in the better the division becomes.

We need you, Citizen!
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ARGH we are all doomed Sorontar is in charge......

I mean Grats mate. if you need any help just ask, dunno what I can do to help but I will do what I can
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Originally Posted by Reoh View Post
Sor's right though, TOG's a community and the more players step up and join in the better the division becomes.
Couldn't have put it better myself.

Congratulations Sorontar. I look forward positively to seeing where the division goes over the coming months and through the game's 'official' release.
Cheers......Thermal Ions
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Well done Sor! Good to see we're still in safe hands
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Grats Sor
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Congrats Sor!

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