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Default TOG Minecraft Server Code of Conduct

UPDATE (5 Febuary 2012): This Code has been updated to http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/...e-conduct.html

The following are now out-of-date

In addition to the general TOG code of conduct, The Minecraft Division has some additional points to keep in mind when playing on our servers.

This will be updated soon to fully accommodate the temporary World4 server. See http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/...lease-3-a.html for an outline of its rules and keep the rules below in mind when playing there. They are correct in the spirit of what they discuss, even if they are angled towards dealing with Sanctuary.

Section 1 - General Server Conduct
Section 2 - Community & Village Conduct
Section 3 - "Sanctuary" Rules & Information
Section 4 - "Frontier" Rules & Information

Section 1 - General Server Conduct

No "Griefing"
"Griefing" is loosely defined as destroying someone's work. This can include adding water or lava, destroying blocks, planting trees etc. within someone's house/claimed land. Griefing is not tolerated on our servers AT ALL.

As a general rule, if it does not belong to you (if you did not make it yourself) then you are not allowed to destroy or modify it without permission of the person whose property it is. If you are not sure if something would constitute griefing, ask the players on the server, or a mod/admin.

If you cause accidental damage to another player's construction, you are required to repair the damage to return the construction to it's former state, to the best of your ability. If you are unable to return the construction to it's former state (eg you do not have the blocks available, or cannot remember what it looked like) you must leave a signpost in the affected area, and/or contact the owner of the construction by PM (or a mod/admin) to let them know what has happened. If you do not have the blocks available, you should make every possible effort to obtain them to repair any damage you caused.

Player's property belongs only to them
The server operates on an "open door" policy - whereby all constructions (unless specifically signposted) are available for other players to walk around and visit as they wish. However this does not extend to the contents of player's personal chests. Any chest located within a player's claimed area is the property of that player. These are their personal possessions and are not free to take unless specifically signposted declaring that they are free to take.

Taking items from a player's chest is considered "stealing" and is not tolerated on our server. Similarly, any animals or crops within a player's claimed area are deemed to be their property, and cannot be harvested/killed.

Our servers are "Family Friendly" server
Several of our players have children who also occasionally access the server. As per the general TOG code of conduct, there is to be no swearing or inappropriate language in either the text chat or the voice comms - regardless of whether the children are present in game or not.

Many of the children are in the JrVip usergroup so that their in-game name shows as blue to clearly identify them. However you should be aware at all times that there may be children playing. Younger players may need a little more direction or understanding. For example they may be curious and come to visit when you are building, and ask questions, which you may find annoying. In this case you should politely let them know that you would like to work in peace, as they are most likely unaware that their curiosity is annoying to you.

Not everyone appreciates a joke or prank
While there is sometimes friendly pranking/joking that goes on between players who are friendly on the server, make sure that if you do play a joke on someone, it will be taken as a joke and not as an act of griefing or an attack. If the affected person feels it is a "grief" more than a "joke" then it may be considered by admins to be a "grief", regardless of what your intention may have been. If you are not sure how your joke will be received, then you probably don't know that person well enough, so it's not a good idea to do it.

Teleporting Etiquette
Players have the ability to teleport themselves to other players in the game. The etiquette regarding teleporting is to first ask if it is safe/ok to teleport to that player, and wait for their reply before teleporting yourself to them. This allows the player to get to a safe location so that you do not teleport onto a cliff edge or other unsafe place (which can push them or you off, resulting in death). Tricking another player into teleporting into an unsafe location is not tolerated.

No Unauthorised Mods or Hacks
Players may use texture packs to enchance the visual look of the game, but any mod or hack that changes the gameplay must be approved for use by the Admins before it is allowed to be used.

Similarly, as per the TOG-wide Code of Conduct, You must not cheat, exploit game 'bugs' or utilise any other methods which will alter the standard gameplay and/or provide an unfair advantage to you or any other player.

Currently only these client mods are allowed to be used on our servers:

Water Shader Mod
Zan Minimap (no longer maintained)
Rei's Minimap
Improved Chat

Section 2 - Community & Village Conduct

Community Resources are for Community use
Community resources, such as wheat/plant farms, animal farms, community "stores" etc are for the benefit of the entire community. You are free to take/use these (wheat/food/tools etc.) from clearly marked community chests or farms, but it is expected that you will take only what you *need* and that you contribute back to the community resource by harvesting and replanting wheat/mushrooms etc.

If you are taking tools, seeds or other items from any of the other community "stores", take only what you need, so that others have access to these items too. If you can later replenish what you have taken, please do so.

Where there are chests or furnaces located within the building site for large community projects, these resources are for building those projects and are not available for you to take, unless specifically signposted.

If you find you have an abundance of a resource, and there are community-use chests for those resources, please consider donating your unused resources for the benefit of the community.

Consider your neighbours and fellow players
When planning and building new constructions, be aware of how your construction might affect other players. For example, would it cast a large shadow over their land or block their view? Would it block access to an area that is used by the community? Would your construction be "out of place" among the other buildings present. If your construction is likely to affect other players, it is polite to discuss your plans with them, or find a location where your construction would not affect others.

Section 3 - "Sanctuary" Rules and Information

"Sanctuary" is not a PvP server
"PvP" (Player vs Player) refers to any injuring/killing of any other player. This includes the use of lava, fire, traps, falls or other such means to cause harm to another player. Even though PvP is not enabled on this server (so you cannot hit/attack other players), falling, crushing, drowning and fire damage can still kill a player. Acts that would deliberately cause harm to another player without their knowledge or consent are not allowed.

If you have anything designed to be a "trap" then it must be clearly signposted as a trap. If it is a trap designed to injure or kill players, then this must be very clear on the sign. This is to give players the opportunity to clear their inventory before venturing into the trap, or allowing them to leave and not participate.

Such constructions are not encouraged on Sanctuary, especially not within the spawn village.

Players can design mechanisms that make it hard for others to enter parts of their constructions, e.g. combination locks, but if there are any harmful consequences of players not doing things correctly, then the consequence must be signposted. The effects must also have no danger of being set off accidentally or affecting any other players or constructions.

Spawn Village Community Gardens & "Shops"
Spawn village is the area immediately surrounding the initial spawn point of the server. Spawn village contains smaller personal/residential dwellings of the players as well as some community buildings and resources, such as food and equipment "shops" and community gardens and farms.

Map of the community "shops" and gardens:

1 - "Mine Co." (Tools)
2 - "Armoury" (Weapons)
3 - "Obsi's Omm Noms" (Food)
4 - "Miner Ten" (Garden supplies)
W - Community Wheat Farms
M - Community Melon Farm
C - Community Chicken Pen
P - Community Pig Pen

While the shops have no payment system, and you are free to take what you need, it is required that you make a contribution back to the store when you can.

For example, if you take food, harvest and replant wheat, replenish bread and meat supplies. If you take soup, return the bowls. If you take weapons etc. from the Armoury, leave flint, feathers, leather and other supplies in the marked chests.

Do not leave "junk" in the chests as payment. Leaving dirt, cobble, gravel etc. as "payment" is just rude and not useful. Leave only relevant items that can be used to replenish supplies.

The animal pens can be used by the community with some restrictions. Chickens cannot be killed and are there for community egg production only. Eggs can be taken from the chest for you to create your own personal chicken farm. Please take only a couple of stacks of eggs to start your farm. Pigs in the marked pen (with spawner cages) can be killed for meat. The sheep cannot be sheared or killed. The cows can be milked but are not to be killed. Saddled pigs are not the be killed (but may be ridden for fun!)

Personal/Residential Dwellings
Personal dwellings (homes and other buildings not for community use) are restricted to a lot size of 15x15, with a height restriction of 10 blocks high. In addition, your lot may not be placed within 3 blocks from a path or other player's dwelling. You may dig down to bedrock within your 15x15 lot, but you must not dig outside of this.

There are a number of community minecart tracks that run under the paths and between player's lots, as well as a number of large underground caverns under the whole village, so you must stay within your 15x15 confines. If your lot has a cavern underground, you may create walls in your 15x15 allotted space, to reclaim that portion of the cavern as your dwelling, however the rest of the cavern is not considered your property.

See additional information on "Sanctuary" building regulations here - http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/...y-village.html

Outside of the residential areas, you are permitted to build community-use buildings that are larger than 15x15, however the standard rules of claim apply, whereby you should post a screenshot to the forum of the area you wish to build on for community discussion.

"Claiming" areas to build on
Only areas that are unused may be "claimed" by a player for their constructions. "Used" areas may be defined with torches or user-placed blocks. It is recommended not to start your claim too close to an existing claim, to allow the other players to expand should they need to. Also some players claim land without building on it (leaving it as natural landscaping). There should be plenty of vacant land for claims to be distanced apart from each other.

When you wish to build something, it is recommended that you place a signpost at the location, marking your name, then find the location on our server maps, take a screen shot of and post that screenshot to the forum, informing the community of your intention to build there. If you do not know how to take a screenshot or post one to the forum, ask another player or a mod/admin for help.

As some constructions happen underground, player's claims are not always obvious on the map. By posting to the forum you give players the opportunity to inform you of any prior claims on that land, or any underground constructions that you might not be aware of.

Once you have allowed sufficient time for the forum post to be commented on (about a week), you can begin your construction.

All your constructions should have a signpost indicating who built it. Preferably on the outside, somewhere easily visible. This assists in any photographing of the server or if your buildings need to be identified for any reason.

There are no mechanisms server-side for claiming an area or guarding it from mining etc. So signposting and clearly marking your constructions is important for stating your claim. While the intrusive actions of other players may constitute griefing (see griefing section above), accidents do happen. If you feel that some-one has altered the constructions and landscape in your claim in any way, report it to a mod/admin so that it can be properly investigated.
Spawn eggs are not to be used to generate mobs

Spawn eggs cannot be used to generate mobs of any sort without the consent of administrators. Monster mobs especially are not welcome on Sanctuary and their generation may be treated as griefing.
Section 4 - "Frontier" Rules and Information

Coming soon

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